Arcade Workshop: SC Universe: PTR

Arcade Workshop: SC Universe: PTR

You might be wondering why our latest Arcade Workshop, where we look at a game that is still in its earlier stages of development, is one of the most ambitious titles on the Arcade. Well Upheaval Arts, which recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign, is looking to start delivering on the next iteration of SC Universe and needs your help. 

They’re calling it a PTR which stands for ‘public test realm.’ If you’re familiar with other Blizzard titles, then you’ll understand their system of allowing the community test out the content before it’s officially released. The SCU PTR contains all of SCU’s combat, economy, and crafting in one concentrated experience. Once you pick your class, you’re dropped in a staging area surrounded by class vendors and class trainers, which allow you to prepare yourself for combat. Once you’re ready, you’ll talk to a mission leader to be presented with various scenarios with a range of difficulties. After you make your choice, the NPC’s will vanish and the staging room will transform into a combat arena. You’ll face waves of enemies leading up to a boss. Each kill will award you minerals and other materials you can use to craft more powerful items, purchase new weapons, or enhance your existing gear. You’ll also be able to purchase new spells for your class as you level up.

So if you want to help shape the future of SC Universe , jump online with your friends and start testing your skills. Please send all feedback to

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