Plugged In - May 9

Plugged In - May 9

Welcome to the latest edition of Plugged In. This is your round-up of Arcade content and news to help keep you in the 'know'! If you have any suggestions about things you would like to see or if you have content that you’d like featured, drop us a line in the comments!

Rock On! Bonus Arcade Assets Announcement

Earlier this week, we shared our plans to provide in-game assets to enhance the gameplay experience of our Rock the Cabinet contest winners. You can see all the cool additions right here.

EGSN Fight Night - Arcade Edition

Quality casting, polished production, and some StarCraft II legends all come together for ESGN Fight Night – Arcade Edition. Grubby, Nestea, Mvp and Stephano are just a few of the familiar faces participating in the series. If you want to see some pro players having a blast with the latest and greatest Arcade content, check out the videos at ESGN TV Youtube Channel.

Upcoming Blizzard Arcade Night

To better accommodate our community, the next Arcade Night is happening on a Saturday! That’s right, we’re kicking off the shackles of the normal work week and taking the playtests to the weekend. We hope to see you online Saturday, May 17 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. PDT. As a reminder, we will focus on games that are entered in our Rock the Cabinet contest.

Arcade Highlight: Additional Pylons!

This week’s Arcade Highlight features the comedic puzzle game, Additional Pylons! You’ll need to help AP the probe restore Aiur’s psionic link by strategically placing pylons while solving challenging puzzles.  Watch the highlight below and read more here

FrozeNerdz Podcast

The hilarious duo over at FrozeNerdz dedicated an entire podcast to playing the 24 Rock the Cabinet entries we had as of April 8th. You can listen to the episode here: and follow them on Twitter @FrozeNerdz.

Infographs and Roundups, oh my!

StarCraft II MVP and forum hero, TheSkunk has taken to making some sweet Arcade goodies and posting them over at reddit/r/SCArcade. If you aren’t already subscribed, get on it! There is also a great breakdown of reoccurring and one-off Arcade nights. 

A Blast from the Past

Tales of Lumin plays through “Diablo: Mortal Shroud,” an impressive addition to the Arcade that takes you back to the look and feel of original Diablo. This is quality you have to see to believe. 

Patch Notes

Night of the Dead

  • Fixes a bug with M5 Pulse Rifle not doing correct damage
  • Fixed a bug where Recon’s Execute didn’t work on Eos.
  • Doctor rank insignia should now display correctly.

Zealot Hockey

  • The terrain has been significantly improved visually
  • The rink lines are now red/blue in color
  • The rink lines are extremely precise (no jagged lines)
  • Added the ability to pull the goalie from the net under certain conditions
  • The team pulling the goaltender must be down by 1-2 points
  • The game must be in the 3rd period with 60 (2 goals down) or 45 (1 goal down) seconds or less remaining
  • The timer has been visually modified
  • Shows accuracy to the 100th of a second when under 10 seconds left (60 seconds left in Period 3 or OT)
  • Changed the goaltender choosing conditions where every player on a team opts out of goalie
  • When everyone is opted out, you can only be goalie at a max once every other turn
  • Fixed several issues regarding the game lobby
  • The host is now unable to drag players to change the team sizes in lobby (Always a 4v4)
  • The option to add A.I. has been disabled
  • The loading screen has been updated
  • Reduced shootout turn time to 15 seconds (down from 20)
  • Fixed a bug causing skaters being able to ‘X’ ability to go through walls
  • Fixed an issue where rank badges could be seen on the billboard
  • Fixed an issue where the final stats board wasn’t showing correctly when the game ended by shootout
  • Ending player stats now show when a team forfeits
  • Fixed a bug that caused zealots to be unable to function properly in shootouts under certain conditions
  • Updated the map lighting to be darker as default

ES Tactics

  • Tutorial is improved and more ‘noob’ friendly
  • Modified a helpful tip
  • All OK buttons in the tips window now have a tooltip
  • The tutorial now directs an excellent learning environment for beginners
  • Added a practice mode for beginners
  • Updated the arcade screenshot
  • Enemy marines should no longer briefly appear or be targetable through fog when attacked
  • The ALLY displays should now be removed when playing the rematch game
  • Changed the equipment of some marine types
  • Players waiting to respawn should no longer hold up their team’s turn
  • Currently equipped guns are now shown on the command card
  • Fixed team information which should now be shown during the first drop pod
  • Protection behind certain covers should now be fixed

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