Arcade Workshop: Titan Emergence

Arcade Workshop: Titan Emergence

Welcome to another StarCraft II Arcade Workshop. Today we present Titan Emergence, a cat-and-mouse game where one player takes the role of one of three massive creatures called titans, each one having several abilities that can lay waste to its enemies. The remaining team plays the defenders of the city. The city defenders must either slay the titan or repair one of the three Terraformers in the city to claim victory.

Each of the three titans has different destructive qualities. You can be a flying terror, blasting your opponents from the sky; a hulking beast, relying on brute strength to pulverize your enemies; or a massive host of death, spawning a swarm of minions to do your bidding. The humans have three classes of their own: an offensive class, support class, and the all-important technician. Only technicians can repair base defenses and Terraformers.

If you’re ready to be a force of destruction or salvation, jump into Titan Emergence and let the developer know how you feel about the game. What did you enjoy and what do you think can be improved?

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