Rock the Cabinet – Ending May 31

 Rock the Cabinet – Ending May 31

As the StarCraft II “Rock the Cabinet” Arcade contest comes to a close on Saturday, we want to ensure everyone participating has all the necessary requirements completed. We’ve created a simplified checklist for developers to review. To consider your entry complete, please make sure the below is complete.

Rock the Cabinet Checklist:

Agree to the “Rock the Cabinet” Rules, and complete the contest form.

Ensure that your Arcade Game is:

  • Localized into English
  • Playable by six or fewer human players
  • Uploaded to the North American region of StarCraft II

Ensure your Game Info Page contains the following:

  • A completed ‘Game Description’
  • A completed ‘How to Play’
  • Screenshots

A forum thread must be submitted with the following requirements:

  • Posted to the Arcade Game Showcase forum
    Entitled “Rock the Cabinet: [The name of the game]”
  • Contains game description
  • Contains link to game, e.g. "StarJeweled: starcraft://map/1/85968"

All of these requirements must be met, and your entry submitted in full, by 11:59 p.m. PDT on Saturday May 31, 2014.  

Additionally, we’ve gotten some questions about changing or updating games after the cutoff date for the contest. Like any contest, once the deadline has passed, your submission is considered final and must not be altered. We understand that you’ll want to continue to improve your game, but we ask that you hold off further updates until the contest ends, or until you are no longer a contender. One option is to upload a second version of your game that you can continue to work on, making sure to distinguish it from the version you entered.

For any other questions or concerns please refer to the full contest rules here: or email

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