Rock the Cabinet – Final Five

Rock the Cabinet – Final Five

The votes are finally tallied for the Rock the Cabinet Community Voting and we’re proud to announce the Top 5.  We want to say that we are grateful for the amount of gamers who came out to play and vote. The winners of our giveaway will be contacted on or after July 22nd about prizes!

Huge thanks to our Arcade Champions; ChanmanV, Sinvicta, SCMothership and FrozeNerdz for aiding us in doing playthroughs of these awesome games.

The votes were incredibly close and we’re thankful you could help us narrow down the selection. Without further delay the Top 5 Finalists are:

1. Star Party with 606 votes

2. Impossible Bosses with 522 votes

3. Templar TV with 470 votes

4. Ultimate Boss Battles with 462 votes

5. Iron Fire with 436 votes

  1. Hover with 395 votes
  2. GridFall with 381 votes
  3. Unreal Arena with 364 votes
  4. Rogue Star Prologue with 363 votes

Now we have assembled an amazing panel of judges from across Blizzard who will decide which participants get their share of $15,000 and other prizes. We’ve been discovering as we go through the judging criteria (accessibility, fun, engagement, creativity, freshness, visual quality and technical achievement) that games that exceed our expectations in accessibility and fun continue to be at the forefront of our favorite picks.

One thing we do want to mention is that we have had to remove “Airstrike” from the list of eligible participants; the reason being is the use of copyrighted material. This has since been addressed on the existing version of the map.  We still think this is a great game and appreciate the time and effort that went into producing this content.

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