StarCrafts Mod from Carbot Animations Now Live!

StarCrafts Mod from Carbot Animations Now Live!

StarCrafts is a popular cartoon recognized for its lovable characters, bright & beautiful art, and clever sense of humor. For many years, the StarCrafts experience was mostly limited to the YouTube series which has been running for several seasons now. Starting today however, you’ll be able to experience StarCrafts, and all its happy humor, within the StarCraft II Arcade!


How to Play

The Carbot Animations team has been hard at work creating a mod that feels true to the spirit of their inaugural cartoon series, with constant updates and feature-videos providing insight into their design process. Now that the mod is complete, we highly recommend you dive in and check it out! To commemorate the mod’s launch, we’re making it extremely easy to join in the fun – simply launch StarCraft II (you can download it for free here if you haven’t already) and when the game opens, select Arcade in the top navigation bar; there you'll see the StarCrafts Mod as one of our featured Arcade games!

If you enjoy the mod, be sure to let everyone at Carbot Animations know! They’ve surely made something incredible here (we had trouble putting it down to write this blog!), so we encourage you to let them know your thoughts on their social channels like their Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube!

Launch StarCrafts Mod

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