Co-op Template Map for RTC2017

Co-op Template Map for RTC2017

Today we’re releasing a Co-op Mission template map that should have everything you need to start building your own game for Rock the Cabinet 2017.

Download Co-op Template

We’ve designed the map to be a foundation for your own creation. Mapmakers should be able to take this template and build their prize winning game. We've tried to make the map as barebones as possible so you can spend less time removing placeholder material and more time designing. We’ve also added additional notes within the triggers and data itself to help you understand the fuctionality of the various co-op components. Note that you aren't required to use this map as part of your submission, but we hope this will save you time instead of trying to construct your own map completely from scratch.

Once you’ve given the map a thoroughly investigation, let us know if you have any questions or if you even find any bugs. We’ll make sure to try to address any concerns as fast as we can. Good luck!

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