Rock the Cabinet 2017 – Winners Announced

Rock the Cabinet 2017 – Winners Announced

It’s been a long journey but we’re ready to share the results of Rock the Cabinet 2017. We asked players to create a Co-op themed map on the Arcade and the submissions came pouring in. We filtered it down to the top ten and asked the Community to help us decide on who the finalists would be. Five games moved on to the final phase of the contest and our panel of judges are ready to share their thoughts on these fantastic creations.

Congratulations to Buswolley, TheSunk, and OutsiderXE for taken home the top three spots. And another round of congratulations to all those who placed in the top ten and are walking away with cash prizes.

This brings Rock the Cabinet 2017 to a close. Another giant ‘THANK YOU’ for every person involved in this contest, whether you were a modder who submitted a game or a player who played and voted, we’re grateful for everyone’s continued passion in the StarCraft II modding scene.

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