2009 Blizcon rip off

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Now i know, ya'll think that's rude, well i thought it was rude when i paid for the virtual ticket was promised a murloc, got a card in the mail, used the code and never got my marine murloc, i talked to a GM, he basically told me to sod off i did something wrong, long to short, your can take your virtual ticket sales and shove them sideways right up that Murlocs whazoo....
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The virtual sales are tied to your battle.net accounts now, so if you purchase a virtual ticket with the account you want the pet on, it will automatically show up on the account. (As a side note, i don't think the murloc is actually available ingame yet. Although I have heard the diablo banner is available immediately.)
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Bro, it's 2013... Time to let it go, my friend.
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10/14/2013 10:23 AMPosted by EricGORE
Bro, it's 2013... Time to let it go, my friend.

First -- ^what this guy said^ x 10000...(I guess the OP never had someone say to him "don't live in the past")

Second- I've bought every single virtual ticket since they offered them...never had any issues - ever....getting my pets , quality of the stream, getting the stream on time, etc. etc.

Ok well I'm lying a bit -- the first year of virtual ticket in the start of blizzcon the quality was kinda crappy for a few hours on the first day but after that it got cleaned up and was fine.
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So I was a big Mili Vanilli fan. I was blaming it on the rain with the best of them. Totally awesome. Then those guys came out and said they were lip syncing. WHAT A RIP OFF!

Well I'm here to tell you guys that Milli Vanilli can suck it if they ever want to try making an album again. The bad experience I had won't be forgotten!
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2013 is a ripoff as well, they already took the streams offline while i didn't even have time to watch them yet.

Also, while i like the fact that you can buy blizzcon merchandise with your virtual ticket now, it still only sells merchandise in the USA, so it will STILL cost me a lot on customs clearance and delivery.
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