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The wife wants to know how deep are they going to search her purse? Se has some personal stuff in there (meds and !@#^$%s) and also things in case there is a cosplay emergancy (glue gun, fabric glue, tide pen, sewing kit)
Are they going to deeply search her bag and have her pull out that stuff? If so, that would be pretty embarrassing for her and she would consider leaving some of it in the hotel.

EDIT: I didn't know ladies sanitary items were a bad word. Shame on me!
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Assume the worst, hope for the best.
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They should search it thoroughly, but I doubt they will. If it's too personal, don't bring it, but there is a good chance they don't even care. They are going through so many bags back to back, it's nothing to worry about. My friend brought a laptop in last time on accident (forgot to take it out of the bag on first day) and they didn't say anything.

I do say they should search it thoroughly though because if someone is bringing in a gun or drugs, wouldn't you want them to find it?

If she is really against putting her name with the item, just carry it in your backpack and claim it for her.
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Being a lady and a cosplayer myself I understand your wife's concern. In past cons I've experienced security having a glance in my bag, not caring, freaking out as soon as they saw the sanitary items and letting me pass, but one...that gave me the hardest time ever, and went thru everything in my bag and costume (she even broke the support I had for my antlers (was cosplaying moonkin) when she smashed them into my head). I suggest going to the line with a young guy, they seem to go faster and care less of whats inside your bag.
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I always have a purse there and they've never scrutinized my bag super heavily. Just use common sense and make sure you're not bringing in anything on the prohibited list.
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Security doesn't care one bit about what you have in your bag as long as it's legal.

You'll open it up, they will glance inside. If they see the glue gun they might take a closer look, but only because it's got a handle on it. But you figure, these guys inspect 10 000 bags a day for 2 days. I'm sure they have seen it all.

Your wifes meds and feminine cleaning products are small potatoes compared to some of the outrageous things a friend of mine has seen working the Con's here in Philly.
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6-7 Billion people on earth, a large chunk of which is female.

Trust me, most people don't care if you carry your hygiene products in your purse, like a lot of women do.

Now, if you carried your razors and a box or two of condoms.. that I'd understand them raising concern about.

They're looking for illegal substances, and weapons. No need to worry if you remember to leave them at the hotel. ;]
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I've been going for 3 or 4 years now (will be going this November too) and they've always just looked in my bag (not a purse, but big enough for a small laptop) while I held it open. They've never rummaged around inside it or made me pull out the contents.
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They rummaged my bag last year, but they don't look too carefully. They're looking more for weapons and weed.
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Last year they just looked into my purse.
If she's embarrassed about !@#$%^s/pads/condoms/birth control and the like (every woman gets a period, hello???).. pretty sure they EXPECT to see that kind of thing in a woman's purse and they will not be taken away. I'm never embarrassed to get my purse searched, frankly they should be embarrassed if they can't handle seeing those types of things.

I had no issues last year and I was carrying meds as well. Just make sure the bottles are properly labeled.. they can't legally take away someone's meds.
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