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Any plans to make BlizzCon tickets more available for people who have never been there? It's not fair to fight over these tickets and people who go every year still get tickets when some people who have never been there lose out. I would love to go to BlizzCon and I have tried every year, but since there isn't any restrictions for the people who go every year I am lucked out.
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Some people get to go every year, others don't. Why exclude those that have been since each year is a new experience? I understand that you want to go, but it is difficult to get tickets regardless of who and where you are. The only thing you can do is accept the fact that tickets are hard to get, join the many pre-blizzcon groups (like loners pug or chatcon) make friends and when tickets go on sale, have as many people possible try to help you. If you miss out, its not the end of the world. Keep an eye on the forums, there have been multiple people that have had extra tickets or a change of plan happened and they arent able to go AND sell tickets at face value.
If you really wanted to go you could,you could even get a ticket at the event from someone that leaves early or someone that only wanted the goody bag.

Better luck next con, and keep trying.
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^ What he said. I ended up having one left over ticket, and I gave it at cost to a random person that posted on this forum that had never gone before and didn't make it high enough in the queue. Pay it forward imo.
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yea bro is not hard this year I thought I wasn't going to make it but when they sold the second batch I made it in right on time ;) my friend didnt get hers she had to pay 300 for hers on ebay
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11/10/2013 02:36 PMPosted by Lexluger
yea bro is not hard this year I thought I wasn't going to make it but when they sold the second batch I made it in right on time ;) my friend didnt get hers she had to pay 300 for hers on ebay

yup. and I wasn't able to go this year since my school schedule changed in a way I couldn't work around it and so I found someone here that posted they were looking for a ticket and sold it to them for face value.

I've been to past blizzcons, imagine if that restriction was placed on previous attendees. I wouldn't been able to help that person out and he would have been unable to take his son.
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and i just wasted a ticket (Benefit Dinner Ticket) because nobody in my guild wanted it (even for free, lol).

i tried selling it on face value but nobody wanted it either xD
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While I understand the point you are making it is kinda odd to ask for an advantage over people while speaking of fairness.

Follow some of the suggestions that Laurindz suggested and it should improve your odds. In the weeks before tickets go on sale there are normally several threads detailing how to improve your odds at getting a ticket. Ask anyone you trust for help. If you have friends, family, guildies, room mates, or whatever have them queue as well. Even if none of them want to go you can use the position closest to the front to buy your ticket.
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There will never be enough tickets to Blizzcon to satisfy demand. WoW alone has 7 million subscribers, to say nothing of people who just play SC2 or D3 (or even people who are fans of the older Blizzard games).

The best way to get tickets (besides getting lucky with f5'ing) is to be social on the forums and hang out with the Chatcon crowd. Typically, people who get into the queue will get enough tickets to cover people later in the queue. It's a pretty magical and awesome thing.
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Yeah I got my tickets off ebay but theres always a risk :P
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i just wasted a benefit dinner ticket because nobody wanna pick up mine. Selling it for face value first and then just changed it to face value of a normal ticket (but ill get the artwork, buyer will get the goody bag). Ended up that i have 2 badges and 2 goody bags. Ahaha!

On my first blizzcon i went as a lonewolf and never connected with anybody (respectfully, as i tried to immerse myself to the events and as always, do what i want without worrying). Kind of expensive tho, soloed the car, hotel and all the other stuff but its worth it. Maybe next year ill group up with people and see what happens.
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Seiken sounds like me:P Only difference 4k miles away... SO worth going to blizzcon 2013!!! so much happen, even though i was a lonewolf too. So many people on Facebook when nuts with my pic i sent them fun stuff. Cosplaying as one of the Warlords for the custom contest cant wait
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Hey guys I am a noob at this. I really want to find a way to purchase blizzcon tickets as well. I didn't know you have to queue up and I am still having a hard time understanding how it all works. If anybody is selling tickets for the 2014 blizzcon. please let me know! thank you :D
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To be completely honest me and my fiancee wanted to go badly. I was there both times when they opened for tickets and got screwed both time. Now i never minded to buy the tickets online through ebay. which by the way is retarded blizzard. this should give you all a hint. But when the seller says ticket only no gift bag and charges $300 per ticket that really pisses me off. So please do something about account that sell the tickets like that just not fair
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!! IDEA !! How about we all get together and try and get tickets lol
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Yeah I'm trying hard this yeah cause I finally have the money to try and my wife has always wanted to go so this year I'm going to be trying get in Que in time as well .
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me and my girl have been wanting to go for years i really hope this year will be different and we will be able to get tickets
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Are you a Socialist? Thats like me saying, I need your weapon cause it is better then mine. So lets make things fair and Blizzard should give me one too, I shouldn't have to work for it or do anything extra, they should just give it to me. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Getting tickets is not difficult if you plan properly, and are online ready to buy when the tickets drop. You can not expect to get a ticket to one of the most popular events to gamers by sitting around waiting. These tickets sell out in seconds, which means you need to be the one clicking within seconds of the release.
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What is the date and time that Blizzcon 2014 tickets go on sale?
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You aren't going to get tickets unless your refreshing the page every second as the tickets go on sale. If your about 30 seconds late they are sold out.

Answer to above question:
Tickets for BlizzCon 2014 will go on sale in two batches, one on Wednesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. PT and the other on Saturday, May 10 at 10 a.m. PT, through the online event ticketing service Eventbrite, priced at $199 each (plus applicable taxes and fees)
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I understand what you're feeling, but really - there is nothing Blizzard's doing that's giving ticket preference to "veterans." This also means there's no point giving priority to those who haven't been. Everyone, in a basic sense, has the same opportunity.

There are conventions where people can pre-register for the next year's conference which makes me somewhat meh, but it is what it is - and Blizz doesn't do this, so there's no reason they should change WHO they sell tickets to. Just make sure you're prepared, try your best as we all do. Hopefully it'll happen for you this year :)
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