A Blizzard Customer service story

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I have a story to share about the customer service I've recently had with Blizzard.

It all started back in April of this year. I made an attempt to purchase Blizzcon tickets from Blizzard themselves, but I was unfortunately too late and missed out. Having to work the time that they would be distributing tickets in the second round, I had no other alternative but to purchase scalped tickets from people on Ebay.

I needed 3 tickets in total, I ended up buying them from 2 different sellers, they both asked me for the details from the tickets, which I promptly forwarded onto them.

Fast forward to today, I've travelled from Australia, all the way to Anaheim, California, booked a hotel and was ready to claim our passes.

The three of us eagerly waited in line, obviously looking forward to our passes and goodie bags. Slowly, but surely, we get to the end and have our print outs stamped and barcodes scanned. They scan my barcode, claims it's already been scanned. No problem, try again, same problem.

My heart sunk, I immediately came to the conclusion that I had been duped. Someone else had claimed the same ticket as me earlier in the day. I had so many emotions running through my head, but I needed to stay level headed. I went from one person to another, trying to figure out what had happened, looking up the barcode and who claimed it, looking at the email address it was purchased under, etc.

They came to the conclusion the tickets I had purchased were fraudulent and were not under my name or my friends name. I not only paid a premium for scaled tickets, but I'd also spent thousands of dollars travelling and booking a hotel, which seemed to mean nothing at one point because the main reason I was there was no longer an option.

I explained my store to two Blizzard employees, as opposed to some of the staff that were there that evening just to scan and distribute passes. They said they'll try to see what they can do, and wandered off for a little bit.

At this point, I was in such a horrible mood, with so many thoughts and emotions running through my head, but I had to try my best to keep my cool. Even my friends were insisting that I keep calm, worried I'd blow a blood vessel and start yelling, swearing and screaming at people.

The two Blizzard employees came back to us and offered us new, legitimate Blizzcon passes at no cost. At this point I was trying my best not to cry because I was just so relieved. I honestly did not have the expectation of getting anything, after all, I didn't buy them from Blizzard, someone else did, and I unfortunately got scammed.

So here I am, hours later, sitting in my hotel room, still shaking from the whole experience, feeling like I needed to explain my story to the masses out there, because I feel like I can't be the only one who's suffered this unfortunate event.

To those employees who were working and I spoke to tonight, thank you. Whether it was just listening to my story, having some sympathy for me and getting me in touch with the right people to help me, all I can say is thank you. All this time, money and effort would have been a complete waste without you. I honestly cannot recall any of the names of the people who did help, but even if I did, for the sake of privacy, it'd be better to not mention them.

But again, thank you so much, if I see any of you in the next two days, I'll not only thank you, I'll gladly buy you a beer, I owe you at least that.
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Wow, that's quite a story mate. Glad you got it all sorted out!!
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Blizzard HAS A HEART. :)
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Wow. I just discovered that I actually have feels.

Not sob stories on imgur give me feels,

man....this is deep.
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TBH, despite all the crap Blizzard gets from some of the more toxic people in the community, I have to say that I personally love Blizzard customer support. They almost always look out for us when they can. <3
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Nice necro guys.

Let's hope that people don't abuse the game mechanics and prevent Blizzard from being able to do the right thing when it's actually true in the future >.>
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