BlizzCon 2013 VODs will be removed Nov 25

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Hi everyone!
Hopefully those who attended BlizzCon 2013 or watched from home really enjoyed this year. We just wanted to let everyone know that the BlizzCon Live Stream archived videos will be removed on November 25. Make sure to get your viewing in soon!
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Is there a way to directly download any of these? My net has been terrible since I got back from Blizzcon and I haven't been able to watch any of the streams, even at 360p.
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Or you know, extend it so that people who returned from Blizzcon on the 24th of november can still watch them
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Please extend! Net issues and a bunch of crap has stopped me from watching a few panels I missed. :)
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I wish there'd been a more visible announcement regarding this. My work schedule has been crazy enough that I've only gotten to watch a few of the panels and I found time to watch them today (on the 25th) only to discover that they were already gone, not that I'd have the rest of the day to try to cram them in.
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I didn't see this until I was in the middle of watching something I missed due to being out of town and it disappeared - not up long enough to justify the $$ I spent for the virtual ticket. I missed so much content,

Was it listed on Virtual Ticket purchase info page? I don't recall seeing that the archives would only be available for 2wks.. please advise if there is another way.
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From the Virtual Ticket Page:

Will replays of Virtual Ticket content be available after BlizzCon is over?
Yes! Anyone who purchases a Virtual Ticket will be able to access on-demand replays of the Main and Panel Stage streams for up to two weeks after the end of the event. Replays of the eSports events will also be available for free.
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11/25/2013 03:48 PMPosted by Shephsgirl

:( Sorry.
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I only got to watch 3 panels and was planning on watching another right now! Can you please bring back the on demand replays? Where's the petition???
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great .__. going to youtube lol
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Please bring them back, I have been really busy with school and work so I have only been able to watch a few stream bu I have a lot more I want to watch. This was the only reason that I bought a virtual ticket so it would be nice if we could get one more week! Thanks blizz,.
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C'mon Phanteo,

Ok, you have it in the FAQ, so your rear-end is covered. I got it. But, why would I read the FAQ if I don't have a question?

This is my first year seeing anything Blizzcon via the virtual ticket. As a family man, I have a lot of responsibility and not a lot of spare time. I've been watching the Blizzcon videos as I have a chance. Now, I can't?

I haven't even see the grand finals of the Hearthstone invitational yet! I know Artosis won since it's all over the web, but I wanted to see it in action when I could spend the time to sit and watch it play out.

In all seriousness, I cannot see myself buying the ticket next year if access to what I paid for is this short.

A humble suggestion from a long-time blizz customer: Leave it up until the following year's Blizzcon.
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This is pretty lame.
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I would love to see the Blizzcon virtual stuff available longer especially this year since the Doctor Who 50th anniversary stuff took a big chunk of my time away from finishing up watching the remaining panels and events.

I already guessed that stuff would only last around 14 days given the last two virtual Blizzcons I watched but one can always hope for more time :)
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90 Dwarf Hunter
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Dang I missed most of the panels and all of the gameplay. Was hoping to catch up over the holiday.
Never imagined the stream would be up so little.
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Hi Blizzard,

Please do extend the availabilty of the VODs. There wasn't any annoucement on the main page that the VODs would be taken off on Nov25.

For those who are in similar situations like me, there isn't any time to watch on weekdays because of work and the stream has problems on the weekends as well.

I've been a consistent VOD / stream ever since the first Blizzcon virtual ticket so I hope you'll reconsider.
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Also in the boat of having limited free time to go through the slog of videos from Blizzcon. The short time-frame post-Blizzcon doesn't ever seem to be enough to get through the majority of the content.
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Thats awesome, just as i want to finish watching a few panels they are all gone, GG blizz...
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