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So I was thinking about the past announcements that Blizzard introduced to the community. And the biggest one for me was. When I purchased the Virtual Ticket and was watching blizzcon 2011 on my 40' TV. while playing World of Warcraft. The opening ceremonies was just starting and as always Mike Morheim comes to the stage to welcome us and the first thing he talks about his Diablo 3. We are all stoked that it is almost here but the best part is that he mentions Do you all want to have Diablo 3 for free. At that moment my heart stopped and was like is he just joking. Was Mike Morheim pranking us or what. And then he mentions if you pay for the World of Warcraft annual pass then you will get it for free. I just Frakking lost it.

Blizzard getting a goody bag is awesome when you arrive at Blizzcon but making so sort of announcement similar to the Blizzcon 2011 would be amazing.

What about the rest of you? What are you fondest memories of past Blizzcon's?
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My favorite moment was Blizzcon 2011, during the GSL finals on the SC stage. GSL had never been outside of Korea and watching history happen live was amazing, pretty much put me to tears. Having loved and watched competitive SC since it's inception.. I can say without hesitation this was the best Blizzcon moment for me. I can't wait to do it all over again this year and get my front row seats at the SC stage and sit back and watch a weekend full of awesome StarCraft.
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Let me tell you I agree. My Girl loves the costume contest and when it use to be the Dance contest. But when it comes down to the Starcraft World Championships I love watching that so its gonna be great to watch it live.

Anyone else have any blizzcon moments that they love?
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1. This may sound a bit weird but in 2005 I shared an elevator at the Hilton with a very pregnant woman ( I have forgotten her name). She worked for Blizzard and was one of the key people in charge of putting Blizzcon together. We started talking about Blizzard and the Con, and continued our conversation for 20 minutes or so. She picked my brain about things I liked and things that could change, I felt genuinely engaged and that my she was actually listening to me (random joe schmoe).
There were even changes I suggested made the following year (not saying it was me, but it nice to think I may have helped)

2. Winning a raffle prize in '05

3. Meeting Jay Mohr at the Hilton restaurant in '09
We had tables next to each other, he's a real cool guy.

4. Blizzcon 2011 ( the whole thing)
Instead of the usual 2-4 people at the con, a large group of us went together and hijinks ensued. Some people even participated in the costume contest, that was the most fun I've had to date.
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