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If you've been to BlizzCon in the past, now's the time to share your tips and advice you think others will want to know. Restaurants, places to go, things to see, clothing recommendations, you name it! Jump in and help your fellow attendees get the most out of this year's event.
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I have never been to any BlizzCon nor I ever will, because I live in Europe and I cannot afford myself to travel to the USA. But I surely watch it at home!
I personally think it would be nice to see voice impressions of the races and creatures in World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diabo, done by the fans. It would be super funny and I believe everyone would enjoy to listen! :-)
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Some hot items DO sell out at the Blizzcon store. If you REALLY want something, the store should be your first destination. They have TV screen set up there, so you can watch the opening ceremony while in line.
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Hand sanitizer use before you touch anything.

recharge brick for smartphone.
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Bring a bag so you can carry all the free swag and stuff you're going to buy, i recommend wearing comfortable shoes as well since you'll be walking around A LOT.
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Shappi on Twitter created a CM/public Blizzard people of Twitter list
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The hand sanitizer isn't a bad idea but the good one is a recharger. If you do everything with your phone like I do you will be at the con for a while. Between pics, checking what panels are going etc etc, you will burn up that battery. A back up charger is a great idea and you can get them pretty cheap.
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My biggest tip - plan ahead!
Blizzard usually released the schedule well in advance so you know when all the panels are, what demo booths are setup, etc. Note what panels you want to attend and when they are. That way you can plan around those - going for lunches, meetups, vendors, etc.

If you want to go somewhere better for lunch and dinner, checkout the Gardenwalk:
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That one panel or event you want to see more than anything? Everyone else does too.

There is limited seating in all of the halls so if you want to get a good seat for some of the big events you may need to be there for the previous panel. There are some people who camp out a couple seats for half the day to see the concert.

Big events that often fill up:

Opening ceremony
Closing Ceremony (concert)

Fire code has a limit on how many people can be in the hall for those events so often times if you show up just as the event is starting the barriers are already up so no seat for you.
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I have never been to blizzcon in person before. I always bought the Virtual Ticket. But I think if you are going download the blizzard app it will help you with the giant map of the convention center. Which will also show you what time all the panels and tournaments will be and their times
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If you've got friends, take a look at the list of events and see if you can manage to always have someone who wants to see something at the main panel stage. That's the best way to ensure you'll have seats all throughout the con.

And if you don't have friends, why this is the best time to make those things!
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Get your goody bag and such on FRIDAY. Don't wait until Saturday to pick it up otherwise you have to lug it around all day or you'll have to walk back and bring it to your hotel room.
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08/28/2014 12:53 PMPosted by Ronho
Hand sanitizer use before you touch anything.

recharge brick for smartphone.


08/28/2014 01:08 PMPosted by Xwally
Bring a bag so you can carry all the free swag and stuff you're going to buy, i recommend wearing comfortable shoes as well since you'll be walking around A LOT.


Great stuff so far, gang. Keep it coming!
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Opening Day Queue

If you want to race for prime viewing real estate be prepared to line up at or before 5 AM. Last year my friends and I were 2 or 3 people back from the front and we sprinted to seats. Best we managed was front row of the second section row, slightly to the right. Mostly just far enough to the side that people thought it was okay to stand behind the rows in front (press) and block our view with cameras or their backs.

My advice: if trying to get the BEST SEAT EVER (which is totally fun and maybe worth trying at least once) isn't that important to you, just hang back and relax. You can very easily saunter in whenever and score some awesome seats in the back right beneath a viewing screen. Guildies that did that had a whole 2 rows to themselves (8 people for like 20 seats) and saw everything better than we did thanks to that screen.


There is *a* Starbucks in the lobby of the Hilton. If you want coffee be prepared to get it early. 5 am on opening day and the queue was already several people deep and spilling out of the shop. It was only ever longer after that point. If you're driving in, maybe consider bringing something along from home to brew with. Flying in... I guess find out what, if anything, the hotel has in the room for brewing and bring along something palatable?

Practical Things

If you bring a bag know that it will be searched, delaying your entry. If you're trying to race in for seats maybe don't bring one.
Water bottles are awesome, and you can bring them in.
Small snacks are awesome, because the food inside is expensive and the lines are long.
The Blizzcon app is AWESOME. Download it, make your own personalized schedule, or don't. I'm a druid not a cop.

Closing Night

The Hilton lobby is packed on the final night, and lots of Blizzard folks hang out and chat. Super cool time to walk around and meet them.
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09/01/2014 07:42 PMPosted by Nazara
Get your goody bag and such on FRIDAY. Don't wait until Saturday to pick it up otherwise you have to lug it around all day or you'll have to walk back and bring it to your hotel room.

Thursday for goody bag pickup. They will be available for pickup from 9am to 9pm on Thursday. Friday you'll want to be focused on the events for the day.
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don't come to blizzcon being alliance-pro
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People have posted a lot of good tips already. Always bring hand sanitizer with you and use it before touching your face or eating. There's a line for everything. Plan your schedule ahead. Good seats are difficult to find. Consider sitting through other panels to save your seat for the one you want to see. Have something to do while you're waiting. Get your swag from the store before it runs out. A backpack will allow you to carry things you get. Hotel wifi is horrendously slow. Oh, yea. The line the first day of blizzcon is VERY long.
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Ask to take photos of cosplayers instead of snapping a pic real quick as they walk by. You'll get a better picture, and most cosplayers are more than happy to stop and pose for you.

If you want to take a pic with the cosplayer, please DO NOT touch them. I am huge fan of the hover hand! Costumes are fragile, and often tiring to wear all day. What may seem like an innocent waist grab for a happy snap can actually have all kind of unintended consequences - including breaking someone's costume.

If you see a cosplayer trying to get food or use the restroom, please refrain from taking pictures. It's rude, and those moments are very often the only time we get to sit down and rest (if sitting is even possible in the costume).

Cosplayers are thought of as "part of the con" to many people, and while that is kind of true, please remember that we are fans too, paying the same prices you did to be here. Be respectful.
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THE BLIZZCON APP! The app is amazing! The app was out a couple of weeks before the con. My group and I went to Denny's a week before blizzcon and we all shared our schedules for the weekend. The app has a neat planner feature that will notify you like 15-30 mins ahead of time that the next panel/event on your schedule is about to start.

Like many mentioned, a portal charger always comes in handy and even with a portable charge you might end up with a dead phone by the end of the night. Last con, I went to chill at the 3s tournament hall and charged my portable charge and phone on one of the pillars while i took a break from walking around and enjoyed some epic pvp.

If you have one already (and if you don't go get one!) a camelbak backpack is amazing for any con! Fill that sucker up with water and stay hydrated the whole day. You definitely will save a lot of money compared to buying $3-$4 water bottles.
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