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I'm a vanilla player and have always wanted to go to Blizzcon and now I finally plan on going. But my main question that I haven't really seen answered is what site to look at for when blizz announces when tickets will be sold.

Should I be watching their battle.net home page, store page, etc.? And furthermore for all the Con veterans, when they do announce ticket timeline, will it be like a week from the announcement or on the spot?

I'm so stoked for this event, I just don't wanna miss it this time around. Lol and if this requires you to break it down Barny style for me, I'm not ashamed. Haha I'll be that guy.

Thanks a bunch for your time :) and hopefully I'll see ya at blizzcon!
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ok, i do believe they will be posting a link on this site (if they dont use this site, i dont really remember) but i think they announced ticket sales a month or so in advance, so it gives everyone enough time to save up from there paychecks ^^; cuz it is pretty pricey. In years past, they sold tickets halfway through May, but that was when the Con was in October, since it will now be in November, im guessing tickets will go on sale some time in June. They usually sell half the tickets one night, and the other half a second night. so you get 2 chances of getting your paws on a ticket. the 2 years i've gotten tickets, the days/time were Wednesday night around 7-8pm Cali time, and Saturday morning/afternoon 10-11am Cali.

As far as the site goes, again, i dont really remember, but they might make this site the ticket sales, or a section of it.
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It will be announced here, but for sure the news will be on every major blizzard fansite too. There's no way you can really miss it if you're checking something frequently :)

And yeah, they should announce it ahead of time - probably a week or something.
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Well awesome, thanks for the replies in such short time :)
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they will announce the dates on here as well as the main community sites and the blizzard online store. the actual tickets were sold last time on the blizzard online store. you had to be logged in onto the store's website and then u were able to click over to the page for the tickets. they normaly gave about 3weeks notice the past 2 blizzcon's before the first ticket sales were sold so that ppl had enough time to get things ready for it. good luck to all ticket buyers/wanters it's a mad house once they go live.
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Whats the average range of cost for the tickets?? Thank you for your time:)
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I would guess $200 per ticket this year. It was $175 in 2011.
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I`m a braziliam dude!
I`m finally going to attend blizzcon event, but there is no info about the price, and where i can get the tickets.

Also, i have other question. This price (like $175, on 2011), give you pass for both days of the event? Or it was a daily price?
Gratz man!

(Supposed to be the first brazilian to try out the dancing contest haha)
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Tickets are for both days. No prices or ticket sale dates have been released. Usually don't get that info until a couple months before the event.
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Question: Where can I find <insert any request for any information about the convention>?

Answer: Soon™
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Ticket prices and sale dates usually get released at the same time, and it is usually about a month before the first sale date.
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