Latin American Invitational August 10-11, Anaheim US

terran Terran
Name Juan Tena
Country Mexico

After a convincing victory at the Latin American Invitational, terran moved to Korea to train. This terran is most-known for his aggressive style and controversial behavior.

isurusRetro Protoss
Name Javier Alonso
Country Argentina
Maker Terran
Name Ricardo Flores
Country Mexico
Reason Zerg
Name Paulo Cardoso
Country Brazil
Fortune Zerg
Name Nik Nevermann
Country Brazil
KTCapoch Protoss
Name Patricio del Olmo
Country Argentina
KiLLeR Zerg
Name Felipe Zúñiga
Country Chile
Team Dignitas

KiLLeR has been playing zerg since his Brood War days, and has had continued success in StarCraft II. KiLLeR first showed promise shortly after StarCraft II launched, by winning the 2010 Blizzard Latin America Invitational. He also placed third at IEM New York.

coLCatZ Zerg
Name Paulo Vizcarra
Country Peru