North American Invitational August 8-9, August 12-13, Anaheim US

Liquid'Huk Protoss
Name Chris Loranger
Country USA and CAN
EGIdrA Zerg
Name Greg Fields
Country USA
GoSu.ostojiy Zerg
Name Chris Ostojic
Country CAN
FnaticTTOne Protoss
Name Payam Alasvandi-Toghyan
Country CAN
SeleCT Terran
Name Kyeong Hyun Ryoo
Country USA
Team Dignitas

SeleCT is a player that's been on the map since the beginning of StarCraft II. He was a well-known RTS player prior to SCII, and his skill clearly transferred over. SeleCT hadn't had a high-profile event to truly show his strength until the North American Invitational, where he took first place. Sup son?

Sheth Zerg
Name Shawn Simon
Country USA
Team Liquid

Sheth has played in many competitions, but is also very well-known for his stream that he commentates on while laddering. He's also been known to hold streaming marathons in the name of charity, and is one of the nicest people of all-time.

sixjaxDDE Terran
Name Dongyeon Lee
Country CAN
KiWiKaKi Protoss
Name Jonathan Garneau
Country CAN