TournamentsBehold who will rise to claim the title of world champion.

Comm Zerg
Name Hui Shen
Country China
Team Wayi Spider

Comm (short for Commitment) is one of China’s most famous zerg players. Before StarCraft II, he was known for playing professional Counter-Strike. When he transitioned to StarCraft II, he became part of a team that featured more of China’s biggest eSports stars -- MacSed, XiGua, and XiaOt -- first on CCM and then with Invictus Gaming. He joined Wayi Spider after leaving Invictus Gaming in June 2012 and quickly brought his team home a big win. He had yet to claim a major title before WCS China, but he showed exceptional skill at the tournament and surprised all who doubted him.

Sen Zerg
Name Yang Chia Cheng
Country Taiwan
Team Gama Bears
Facebook YangChiaCheng
Twitter @GamaniaSen

Sen has been Taiwan’s star player for nearly a decade. One of the top non-Korean Brood War players who took first place in WCG Taiwan 2004 and 5, and third place in the 2009 PokerStrategy TeamLiquid Starleague, Sen entered StarCraft II with high expectations. Sen has managed to live up to those expectations too, earning third place at NASL Season 1, Season 2, and BlizzCon 2011, in addition to a stint in GSL. At the Taiwan Nationals, Sen won the tournament without dropping a single map. Always placing highly wherever he goes, there’s no way Sen won’t be a threat to even the strongest players at the World Championships.

Creator Protoss
Name Hyunwoo Jang
Country Korea
Team Prime
Twitter @CreatorPrime

Don’t let Creator’s young age fool you: he is only 16 years old, but what he lacks in years he makes up for in sheer competitiveness in the game. It is impressive to witness anyone perform at such high a level, despite their age. On top of his great foundation work, his unremitting efforts to develop his own style of gameplay made Creator a new hope for the Protoss when he responded to the seemingly overwhelming odds against Terran by coming to battle with his very own style of upgrade-oriented deployment. Recently he swept top positions at both the GIGABYTE NVIDIA Invitational and the WCS, a feat many call as the rightful fruition of Creator’s dedication and efforts. Creator is in the spotlight now, and the WCS Asia Finals and World Championships will be an opportunity to fully deliver in full force.

Rain Protoss
Name Yoonjong Jung
Country Korea
Team SK Telecom T1

Few doubt Rain as one of world’s top Protoss players. He’s gotten to the semi-finals of GSL, a world premier StarCraft II league, and to the finals on the Ongamenet Star League after beating out strong competition, and that’s just the beginning. Rain took hold of the WCS Asia Final after dropping only 1 set match, and that was only about a month after he switched over to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. With such great performances, high expectations await Rain in his bouts against famous pro gamers worldwide.

PartinG Protoss
Name Leesak Won
Country Korea
Team StarTale
Twitter @ST_PartinG

PartinG showed a lot of confidence at the interview and at the opponent draw, provoking his opponent without a moment’s hesitation, subsequently proving his capability. PartinG may be notorious for his provocative comments, but outside arena, he is an all-around good-guy, amiable and agreeable. He is yet to earn a victory under his belt, but any news of it would come as no surprise, and his BWC performance is much anticipated.

HerO Protoss
Name Hyeondeok Song
Country Korea
Team TeamLiquid
Twitter @Liquid_HerO

HerO is one handsome pro gamer, and has a strong base of female fans. His fantastic control always strike viewers with admiration. In particular, his micro-control over minor groups of units or diversion techniques using the War Prism is a sight to behold. So there’s a lot more than great looks to HerO. He has been in a slight slump at the GSL, but overall, and at the WCS, has been performing in a well-balanced manner, and his performances are something to look forward to.

herO Protoss
Name Joonho Kim
Country Korea
Team CJ Entus

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty saw a change in his choice of race from Zerg to Protoss, and few expected such mind blowing development from herO. With a mind-blowing winning rate in the StarCraft II Pro League, herO led his CJ Entus team to victory without hitch or hesitation. herO performed exceptionally well in his first tournament overseas, and fans are looking forward to great performances at the BWC.

Curious Zerg
Name Wonpyo Lee
Country Korea
Team StarTale

Curious flashed some serious firepower at GSL Code A, but has been unable to break through into Code S, earning him the nickname "Code S decoder". His participation in the BWC is thus a great opportunity to look forward to, and if any non-Korean pro beats him, the victor just may automatically qualify for the GSL Code S.

RorO Zerg
Name Nohyeol Shin
Country Korea
Team Samsung Khan
Twitter @skwangs7

A member of the Samsung KHAN team, RorO was not a widely-known name in the StarCraft II scene when he secured a seed from the WCS Korean Nationals II. Not so now. His outstanding performance at the WCS Korean Nationals and the Asia Finals along with the GSL Code S, he has proven more than his worth. Performing in his prime, RorO is one pro worth betting on.

ViBE Zerg
Name Dan Scherlong
Country United States of America
Team ROOT Gaming
Twitter @ROOTViBE

ViBE entered StarCraft II with one goal: to go pro. Known for his fast hands, ViBE has always been one of the United States’ strongest zerg players. However, he’s had some difficulty scoring big wins – citing stress as his biggest problem. When he joined ROOT Gaming, his teammate CatZ described him as having “unrealized potential,” and that he could “become absolutely invincible.” At WCS USA, he finally began to realize some of that potential – tearing through some of the USA’s best to become the national champion. Who knows just how far he can rise? Photo taken by Kevin Chang from

Scarlett Zerg
Name Sasha Hostyn
Country Canada
Team Team Acer
Twitter @AcerScarlett

Some players rise gradually. Others rocket onto the scene out of nowhere. Scarlett started playing StarCraft II in April 2011, and only participated in a few online cups at first. In March 2012, she won an online Playhem cup, which gave her the opportunity to attend IPL 4 in Las Vegas. Though this was her live tournament debut, Scarlett knocked out several established pro gamers, including WCS UK Champion EG.DeMusliM and Korean pro BumbleBeePRIME. Her next major event was the WCS Canada Nationals, where she only dropped a single map all the way to the championship. Exhibiting tremendous skill and confidence, Scarlett is easily one of the most promising new talents in StarCraft II. Photo taken by Kevin Chang from

IdrA Zerg
Name Gregory Fields
Country United States of America
Team Evil Geniuses
Twitter @idrajit

IdrA is a pillar of the StarCraft II community. He started his progaming career at a young age when he moved to Korea to compete during Brood War. Since then, he's continued his progaming career to StarCraft II and is known for being a strong player with a strong personality. IdrA finished 4th at the WCS USA Nationals and had an even better run through the WCS North America Finals, finishing 3rd. He currently lives and trains at the Evil Geniuses house in Arizona.

MajOr Terran
Name Juan Carlos Tena Lopez
Country Mexico
Team ROOT Gaming

MajOr is a Mexican player and a former StarCraft: Brood War player who eventually switched to StarCraft II and won of Blizzard’s 2011 Latin America Invitational and the WCS: México Nationals. MajOr has been part of popular teams such as Sixjax Gaming and Complexity and is currently rejoined ROOT Gaming, he moved to Korea for a while to master his skills which led him to various victories in many tournaments and he is also well known for being the first Latin American player invited TSL4.

Insur Protoss
Name Sky Xu
Country United States of America
Team Infinity Seven
Twitter @iSInsur

No stranger to Blizzard RTS titles, Insur was a top North American Warcraft III player before making the switch to StarCraft II. Insur made his first big splash on the StarCraft II scene when he came third at the WCS USA Nationals. Keeping the momentum forward, he took fifth place at the WCS North America Finals. He's currently a member of Infinity Seven, the progaming team owned and manager by renowned fashion photographer Zhang Jingna.

State Protoss
Name Ryan Visbeck
Country United States of America
Team Quantic Gaming
Twitter @QuanticState

State started competiting in StarCraft II tournaments in 2011. When Quantic Gaming absorbed the Team Vile roster, State was one of the players Quantic aquired. At the WCS USA Nationals, he finished 9th-16th, qualifying him for the WCS North America Finals where he finished 5th-6th. In order to prepare for the Global Finals, State has left the Quantic Gaming house in California for the StarTale house in Korea.

Illusion Terran
Name Chris Sang Lee
Country United States of America
Team Quantic Gaming
Twitter @QuanticIllusion

Illusion is one of the strongest and youngest North American players. At only sixteen years old, he has already made considerable waves in the StarCraft II community placing well at events such as MLG Providence 2011 and the One Nation of Gamers StarCraft II Invitational. At the WCS North America Finals, Illusion finished 7th-8th. Leading up to the event, Illusion will be training in Korea at the StarTale house as a part of the Quantic Gaming and StarTale partnership.

HuK Protoss
Name Chris Loranger
Country Canada
Team Evil Geniuses
Twitter @LorangerChris

As one of the most well known and accomplished non-Korean StarCraft II pros, it comes as no surprise that HuK is a fan favorite. Since release of StarCraft II, HuK has achieved a significant number of notable results from winning HomeStory Cup III to MLG Orlando 2011. He has been on two of the biggest teams in eSports: TeamLiquid and Evil Geniuses. At the WCS Canada Nationals, HuK took the last qualifying spot to the WCS North America Finals. At the WCS NA Finals, HuK was able to once again take the last spot to qualify for the Global Finals.

Suppy Zerg
Name Conan Liu
Country United States of America
Team Evil Geniuses
Twitter @EGSuppy

Suppy is an up and comer in the StarCraft II scene. He started his career in progaming with regional success during StarCraft: Brood War, but he didn't start gaining widespread popularity and international attention until this year. At the MLG Spring Championship, he earned the Bic Flex 4 MLG Breakout Player Award, and his popularity has been skyrocketing since due to both his skill at the game and his personality. eSports giant, Evil Geniuses, added Suppy to their roster shortly before the WCS North Ameica Finals. Photo taken by Kevin Chang from

Socke Protoss
Name Giacomo Thüs
Country Germany
Twitter @SockeSC2

With more than 10 years of experience as a professional gamer, Socke’s consistently solid results brought him acclaim in the StarCraft II scene. He is known and appreciated for his efficient and aggressive game play -- especially in the late game -- and the community loves his calm voice and demeanor when he commentates on a match to share his knowledge with an audience. He’s managed to impress fans at many high-profile tournaments, and travels to compete in many global events. 2012 could be his year after securing spots in the Europe Finals and the World Championship through his victory at the Germany Nationals.

Stephano Zerg
Name Ilyes Satouri
Country France
Team Evil Geniuses
Twitter @EGStephanoRC

If there is one European player who’s reached the status of a superstar, both in and outside the game, it’s the Frenchman Stephano. He is known for his ability to win tournaments full of top Korean pros, and his distinct style and even more distinct personality have captivated fans all over the world. The victory at the WCS Europe Finals established him as the strongest European player and Stephano enters the World Championship as one of the hottest players around. The pressure on him and the fan expectations will surely be high. Is he going to go in as relaxed as he’s always been and deliver the goods?

TitaN Protoss
Name Oleg Kuptsov
Country Russian Federation
Team RoX.KIS
Twitter @roxkisTITAN

Having jumped into the game one year after release, TitaN had his breakout performance in the professional StarCraft II scene during the World Cyber Games 2011. He placed fourth, defeating players like SuperNoVa, Kas, and KiWiKaKi. His favorite match-up is PvT, and he held up against a stacked line-up at the Russian Federation Nationals, where he captured the title and a direct seed to the World Championship. Will his fame continue to grow during the Europe Finals and the World Championship?

VortiX Zerg
Name Juan Moreno Durán
Country Spain
Team Karont3 e-Sports Club
Twitter @Karont3_VortiX

The Durán family definitely has a huge talent for the RTS games. VortiX, even though he was always an exceptional player, used to be in the shadow of his brother – LucifroN. However, with his recent tournament performances he’s come out of it with a splash. His ability to adapt and execute difficult strategies makes him a fierce competitor, who always keeps opponents on their toes.
VortiX has already established himself in the scene and showed recently that he can win against practically anyone in the world. It doesn’t seem like he is done quite yet though. If he continues to improve at this rate, he will most likely give his dedicated Spanish fans even more occasions to celebrate.

LucifroN Terran
Name Pedro Moreno Durán
Country Spain
Team Karont3 e-Sports Club
Twitter @Karont3LucifroN

LucifroN is not a man of many words, but he makes up for it in a big way by letting his game speak for him. While he’s been around since the very beginning of StarCraft II and came from a successful Warcraft III career, LucifroN has had his moments of prime and down time.
After disappearing from the live tournament scene for a little bit, he re-appeared in a big way at the WCS Spain Nationals, where he dismantled the competition. WCS Europe Finals was a continuation of that and LucifroN amazed the spectators with his crisp, multitasking-heavy mech play. His unique, very strategic style and approach to the game makes for very entertaining matches. If he refines it even further for the World Championship, then the title might very well be within his grasp.

LoWeLy Zerg
Name Anton Plebanovich
Country Belarus
Team FXOpen e-Sports
Twitter @FXOLoWeLy

You rarely see him or hear about him, but when he appears, he leaves a trail of casualties behind him. LoWeLy’s quiet and calm demeanor has already fooled many into thinking that he isn’t as big of a threat as some of the more known names. However, he has a rare aura of passion and confidence around him.
Even though he’s been around for many years—having started a long time ago in Brood War—it wasn’t until the WCS, where LoWeLy had his breakout performance. He stormed through the competition at Combined European National and continued his impressive run at the WCS Europe Finals, earning a slot in the BWC. One of his biggest strengths is his unconventional zerg style which is solid, but often takes his opponents by surprise. He is likely to go into World Championship as an underdog once again, but LoWeLy is definitely a player to watch.

BabyKnight Protoss
Name Jon Andersen
Country Denmark
Team FXOpen e-Sports
Twitter @FXOBabyKnight

To quote Teamliquid’s WCS Europe Finals Power Rank: “If there's a player who might truly surprise the StarCraft world in Stockholm (and 99% of non-European viewers) it'll be BabyKnight.”
And he really has. BabyKnight has been considered to be one of the strongest up-and-coming players for quite a bit now and he is the real deal. It looks like the WCS has been the perfect storm for the young Danish to show his development over time with increasing difficulty. So far he’s risen to the occasion and we might very well see him surprise once again at the BWC. If anything, it will definitely be interesting to see how BabyKnight’s confidence and seemingly open, unrestrained protoss style will continue to evolve. While historically Denmark has not been known for having superstar RTS players, this trend is definitely changing now with the emergence of BabyKnight.

Grubby Protoss
Name Manuel Schenkhuizen
Country Netherlands
Team Team Grubby
Twitter @followgrubby

Where does Grubby fall in the equation this time? It seems like his persistent passion for the game and rare, high level of motivation helps him overcome any obstacle on his way. With many years of professional experience under his belt, Grubby is no stranger to playing in front of passionate Asian audiences and he likely won’t be intimidated by it.
A true testament to Grubby’s passion was his reaction after winning the deciding game against Nerchio in WCS Europe Finals, which secured him the spot in the BWC. It’s this kind of focus—coupled with very deep, strategic approach and the ability to think on the fly—that gives the Dutch protoss a pretty good chance. One thing we can be sure of is that he truly cares about his fans and will do everything to not disappoint them. Grubby will come prepared and ready.

Nerchio Zerg
Name Artur Bloch
Country Poland
Team Team Acer
Twitter @acernerchio

Nerchio has always been considered to be one of the best zergs in the scene, winning online tournaments left and right. However, he chose to skip live tournaments for over a year after release, before he started participating in them. When he finally did, he delivered outstanding results. Having been one of the first few players who defined the modern zerg play style, he shows a superior understanding of the game and has a real feel for it.
The WCS Europe Finals event was surely not his best showing ever, but he still managed to claim the last European BWC spot. He should come back hungry and stronger than ever and when he does, not many will be able to stop him.

dKiLLeR Zerg
Name Felipe Zúñiga
Country Chile
Team Dignitas
Twitter @dignitasKiLLeR

dKiLLeR has been in the pro gaming scene for a long time. He won the last Pan-American WCG where StarCraft: Brood War was played, and from there he moved on to StarCraft II during the beta. He participated in Blizzard’s 2011 Latin American Invitational, was heavily involved in the IEM World Championship, and he even earned a third spot in New York behind players such as FruitDealer and DRG. His recent achievements include first place finishes in both the WCS-Chile Nationals and the WCS-South America Finals.

Fenix Terran
Name Jian Morayra Alejo
Country Peru
Team Incredible Miracle
Twitter @IM_Fenix

Fenix started his pro gaming trajectory at a very young age with StarCraft: Brood War, where he developed masterful gaming knowledge and RTS strategies. Since then, he has always been recognized as one of the top players outside of Korea. When StarCraft II launched he went on to become one of the best known players worldwide. Fenix has won several international tournaments and was the first Latin American player to join a Korean pro team and to play in GSL Code A.

Levin Protoss
Name Carlos Leonardo Abi Rached Cruz
Country Brazil
Team Seleção Brasileira de Games

Levin is well known for being a former professional Warcraft III player and has been playing StarCraft for 15 years. While he’s won many tournaments, the feat is more impressive because he spends most of his time on his medical profession. Levin says his goal was never to become a competitive player and he just wanted to have fun, but this fun has led him on the road to becoming one of the strongest players in the WCS-Brazil Nationals -- and one of the top Latin America representatives in the World Championship.

mOOnGLaDe Zerg
Name Andrew Pender
Country Australia
Twitter @mOOnGLaDeau

Andrew ‘mOOnGLaDe’ is no stranger to the eSports scene. Coming from a WarCraft III background which included wins in World Cyber Game competitions over Grubby, and DeMusliM. Andrew has a wealth of international experience, most notably his performance as the highest non-Korean player in the IEM Season V – World Championship coming in 4th place. Sometimes known as the ‘Prince of Persia Zerg’ he represented the SEA region at 2011 BlizzCon. He was also invited to participate in the GSL in March 2011 as one of the internationally seed players. During December 2011 mOOnGLaDe participated in the WCG 2011 Grand Finals. He came out first in his group 5-1 which consisted of players such as Sen, Socke and elfi. He would later enter the round of 16 and lose a close series to MarineKing. 2012 saw Andrew dominate the WCS Oceania finals dropping only the one game in the whole event. Just prior to the Battle net championship world finals Andrew will be competing in MLG Dallas.

MaFia Zerg
Name Tim He
Country Australia
Team Immunity
Twitter @iM_MaFia

Tim has excelled in the ANZ region after coming from a successful poker background and moving onto playing StarCraft II professionally. Coming in 3rd place and just missing out on the trip to BlizzCon last year, he returned after much practice to take the runner up position in the Oceania Final and move onto the BWC Global finals. He has grown from strength to strength this year and his success in local live events has been superb. A clear and methodical macro player, MaFia will be also be competing with his team in MLG Dallas just prior to the Battlenet Global finals.