Diablo® III

Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ Beta Playtest with John Yang

Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls™ Beta Playtest with John Yang

Game designer John Yang joined Shinobi, Sibcoe from RedTeamGaming, and Flux from Diablo IncGamers yesterday afternoon for a one-hour playtest in the Reaper of Souls™ beta. As with our previous playtests, the goals of this particular session were pretty simple: jump into the beta with three different members of the Diablo III community, play around with some of the expansion's new features, and enjoy a bit of casual conversation with fellow heroes of Sanctuary. The topic of that conversation exactly? Demon Hunter, Barbarian, class skill and resources tuning, and Legendary item design and balance.

If you weren't able to catch this playtest with John streamed live, you can still check out the VODs of the session here:

We've also embedded Shinobi's VOD below. Check it out!

We'll be hosting our final developer playtest (for time being at least) today with Don Vu--so be sure to tune in!

*A big thanks to Flux, Sibcoe, and Shinobi for your time and questions!

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