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Barbarian Kingdom Giveaway Thread


I doubt I have anything worth 50M on my Barb right now.

Would love to have a nice weapon upgrade since I've been having a hard time doing that for months now.

So please do check my Barb gear and decide whether I can qualify or not. =D

Here is my opinion on how much each of my gear costs in gold(I'm not including the crafted ones):

Mempo - 7m
IK Chest - 12m
Lacuni Prowlers - 10m( Planet thinks so =) )
Unity - 1m
IK Belt - 700k
Inna's Temperance- 6m
Ice Climbers - 4.5m
EF - 7m
Axe - 500k

Grand Total of 48,700,000 gold!!

That is all I have accumulated after having 22,289 elite kills!!! Bwahahaha!! =P

Item-wise, I'm fall under newbies (quite embarrassing...).

Elite kill-wise, I'm a mid-tier Barb. Started since day one. Stopped last April and went back last August.

So I'm not really sure which of the prizes you are offering I am qualified for....

If you ask me, it takes time for me to clear VORCS at MP8. I think its due to the fact that one of my weapons is just at the 800 dps range. So, maybe, I qualify for the 2nd Component of the prize.
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I'm throwing in my lot for one of those 200M sets. Here's my barbarian's D3UP profile, so you can see for yourself what I might need to upgrade:


I used to run my barb with the typical WW spec, but when I heard that everything about it was probably getting nerfed into the ground I decided to experiment with a Rend build. It seems to work fairly well! I was running MP7 with the WW build, and I'm on the same level with this one. You can check out the skills in my D3UP profile.

Anyway, the reason I'm entering this contest is because my DPS needs work. My EHP is great and I stack LS like a boss, so surviving isn't an issue - I just need to do more damage if I ever want to break the MP7 barrier. I could theoretically do higher MP levels right now, but it would take so long to kill an elite pack that the expansion would come out by the end of my first farming session!

My gear is definitely in the <50M range. I spent about 35M to gear my barb up once she hit 60, and every week or so since then I've been buying incremental upgrades. I've never had a lot of money, and I was never any good at flipping, so gearing up to ridiculously OP levels in record time isn't really an option for me.

In short, my goal is to increase my barb's DPS without sacrificing (too much) EHP, preferably bringing her viability up to at least MP9 with her current Rend spec.
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Hey, I am interested in one of the 200 million gold sets. I have never seen 200m gold in my career. If you check my stats on my 60s, you will find their gear is not worth a ton of gold, but not vendor trash by any stretch of the imagination. My resists are a tad low as many of the packs with arcane, molten, that kinda crap will do a fair bit of damage to my barb, etc, lol. Anyway, my profile is at http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Caladynus-1913/ You can see all the characters there. I haven't played in a while, but came back because I just got the urge to play and it's something I can do solo, which I generally do. The reason I am responding here is that I would like some more gear so that I can mow through some of those elite packs a lot better than I am now. Not sure what my gear is worth, but I doubt it's worth more than 50 million lol.
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First of all - amazing job with the Kingdoms challenge! I was following the challenge closely, and seen how certain rules, like no logout during run, etc. made you guys invest crazy amounts if concentrated playing time, and you had to overcome not only game challenges and rng, but your own exhaustion, frustration and lack of sleep. You all have proven to be no-quitters with will and determination to do what it takes. My heart was beating together with your desperate hearts throughout the contest. Monks "won" with 2 wds? lol, ok. Being no new to contests myself, I know who the true winners are. Respect to all Team Barbarian.

Now lets go on to meat and potatoes (c). I want to enter contest for one expensive upgrade.

My gear may seem too good for this giveaway, but to tell the truth, "Nothing I have is truly mine" (c).
Somewhat decent piece that I bought myself is my Mempo. My bracers, both rings and boots are gifts from my respected friends, top barbs well known on this forum. And you know who loaned me this amazing Skorn. "Truly mine" Skorn is the one from latest Skorn vs DW challenge, solid weapon I must say. Im keeping it as a trophy.

Now lets talk about the upgrade that I want.
Overall, Im satisfied with the shape and performance of my barb.

What I want is IK gloves with more str, 200-240, 7-9 ias and 10 cc. Or trifecta IK gloves, but decent ones are overpriced.

As you can see, I am at 44 ias, with my ias gear pretty much finalized. DPS-wise, I would prefer to exchange those extra 2% ias into str or crit damage, to farm more efficiently.

Why str and crit damage? The best build for barb to farm exp in the game is rend build with Skorn. Str and crit damage increase rend dps. Ias doesnt. I want to retain cookie-cutter 42 ias and 30%+ crit, pouring the rest of dps stats into str and crit dmg.

I accept the rules outlined and will giveaway my old ik gloves, which are from Skorn vs DW contest gear.
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Hi Silverfire,

I’ll throw in for the one/two upgrade. I’m back playing again after a break and looking for a little bump that would make farming MP10 viable & get me on the track to P100. I can run MP10 currently but killing the elites takes me long enough to warrant dropping MP’s if I’m not going for strictly trash.

Obviously a crit Mempo would be an upgrade but that may be out of the reach of this contest. I’ve been searching for a weapon upgrade but they are pretty expensive; possible a CD Echo or higher damage main hand. Another route I’ve been considering is MS Ice Climbers. Adding those and then dropping either Inna’s or my Lacunas. I can drop 9% AS and still be over the 2.5 BP for both hands (w/ Wrath). I have crafted bracers in my stash currently that aren’t too bad:

Armor 220
Str 226
Dex 76
Vit 96
Phys Res 43
All Res 45
CC 5.5%

My only hesitation is if dropping from 30/26 ticks to 26/26 would make it more of a side-grade.

Last idea is to replace my Vit heavy ring w/ a possible tri-fecta or with some min/max damage. I do have a 28% Elite/5% Cold WD ring that I use for elites but I can stand using an item and only getting half the benefit from it. I also admit I enjoy the high health pool and will sorry to see the Vit ring go; especially as it was self-found.

Great idea for a contest – and while I love the idea of the auction house closing and getting into loot 2.0 things like this make me a little sad. The expansion may curtail some of the fun in experimenting with such an array of item possibilities.
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Greetings Berserker Thirsty Silverfire,

I would like to put my name in for one of the single upgrades. As you can see, I have played this game for quite some time (since launch actually). I enjoy farming experience and killing demons. I am a very big supporter of giving back to the community, and I appreciate what you're doing. I myself have given away multiple lower end sets, and I feel it is a wonderful thing to do. Just like you, I am a firm advocate of high EHP. Because of this, I've been trying to get it everywhere I can. Currently, I am stuck looking for an upgrade. What I would really like is a nice grandfather sword. Sadly, I cannot afford a good one. Please pick me, Silverfire, and help me get my vitalities in order, bro.


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Hey. i'm a WW barb currently paragon leveling. I got a skorn but would much prefer dual wielding, for it fits my play style and i like the easy fury generation purpose. I guess my gear is ok, but i'd probably be better off with more all resist or vit. I don't really know how much my gear is really worth but i'm ready to give them if i can get a decent upgrade.

Well peace
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I would like to take part in this giveaway as well. Here is my current gear so far:


In total the gear cost me around 2.5 mil and I've been trying to run MP5 to gain paragon level. The reason why it would benefit me is because I'm really starting to enjoy my barbarian now more than ever since returning after a hiatus. It seems a lot more fun now and with the upcoming changes in the expansion I'm even more excited. Also, my 12 year old nephew is getting into the game too so in a way I could help him with leveling and giving him some of my old gear plus whatever new gear comes with the giveaway.
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Thank you help helping out the barb community silverfire =)
I was contemplating on whether to post or not but I guess I am so I’ll apply for the second component

I’m a SnB Barb and currently can’t break the 2.5 APS with wrath
I would like to break this BP so that I can bash faster and can do a pure WW build as well while not having to change to dw gears

The item that I chose is my MH ring with similar stats per the below:
60+ AR
+6 IAS
Ave Dmg or strength
I have been bidding on a few of these rings but I get outbid at every turn (probably can be snipe for under 200 mil)

I currently do have around 80 mil in gold thanks to some stuff selling, including my old sword for a moderate profit since I’m sharing MH with my monk
If I get the ring then I’ll focus on getting a high strength MS IC next with my own gold and can then pass on those 2 items

Thanks again and good luck to all the applicants =)
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I would love to enter the contest for 1-5 k elite kills and I'd be willing to give away my gears to another barb in need so i am entered now right?
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I hope to get a mainhand and/or offhand upgrade. I've been searching for an affordable upgrade (10million to 20 million) but really having some tough luck.

I've built the barbarian a few months back with help from Nived's thread for less than 5 million a slot. Each upgrade now seems to cost as high at 50million...

I'm wish to play WW when Single player and hybrid when in groups. Hopefully I will be able to move into MP10 after the upgrade as I'm still stuck in 8 and could possibly move into 9 but taking a lot more time for each mob and dying occasionally.
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09/19/2013 10:35 AMPosted by silverfire
The type of players for the second component should be experienced, likely 10k+ elite kills, total gear worth likely 500M territory or higher. The prize would help them get that big upgrade that they've been saving for. The winners must donate their piece or pieces that get upgraded by the giveaway to receive it.

i'm at 16k elite kills but my set is pretty much trash..
i think I only spent around 30mil in total
gems not included i already have them before Monster Power patch was implemented.
so i might as well fit in your 1st category for the 200mil set ( i use dw - anti EF btw)
but i'm more bound to the 2nd category co'z of my total elite kills.

09/19/2013 10:35 AMPosted by silverfire
How to enter- Explain why the prize you're entering for would benefit you. Detail will help.

Take a look at my profile and see which slot i got worst and needs an upgrade.

09/19/2013 10:35 AMPosted by silverfire
If you're entering for one or two upgrades, explain what upgrade(s) you're looking for, and how they will help your build and progression.

I have been looking for profitable loot by playing ingame but still no luck.
so I'm stuck at my current gear for awhile now.
one or two upgrades will really help me to convince myself to keep playing the game
i'm almost out of morale with my curse of 'no profitable drop for your'
but still trying to enjoy playing the game with my low quality gears :)
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hi, i would like to join.

im using a dw ww barb, but i want to switch to skorn but dont have enuf for a lifesteal one.

pls help thx
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Greetings Silverfire!

I would like to enter my barb for a chance at winning the second component of your giveaway.

Allow me to start off by saying that I am not wealthy. I already hit P100 with my barb but never really got anything akin to winning the lottery. The gold I spent on gearing probably cost me about 100-150mio due to some really patient picks in the AH and luck in crafting.

I am quite pleased with how I've built my barb up until this point as he is able to farm MP10 with relative comfort but I would like to make my runs more efficient. I am still pinning for the 250k dps mark and will eventually drop one of my rings for a SOJ. My immediate concern however is replacing my skorn with a life steal one preferably in the 1300-1400 dps range with crit damage 180+%.

An upgrade to my skorn would allow me to FINALLY switch out my IK belt for a WH and use brawler as a passive; two things I would have never even considered as the skorns themselves are ridiculously expensive. My investment in a WH would also give me the flexibility to switch out my current amulet (needed to maintain WW breakpoint) for my other one with higher CD and CC.

I agree to the terms in the OP and will donate my skorn which has served me well while I was grinding out the p levels. If this is a 2 item giveaway, I will also donate my IK belt for a chance at at a high str/vit WH w/ AR.

Thank you Silverfire and all the other awesome barbs who took part in the 5 kingdom challenge. I really appreciate what you are doing for the community. For mid-tier barbs like myself, this is a dream come true. Hope you would consider my post.

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Hi Silverfire

I would like to participate as well.

My set is worth around 25M and I have less than 5K elite kills on my barb.

I think I qualify more for the 200M set prize category since my gear is nowhere near worth 500M but I will leave it to your discretion.

I play with a skorn WW/RLTW hybrid build switching between Rend and HOTA. I like to farm paragon and fight/defeat elite packs.

I would love to improve on it with an LS skorn, a HOTA SOJ for elite killing and get more IAS through the usual gear (mempo, WH, trifecta gloves, ring) to reach higher WW/RLTW and HOTA breakpoints while trying to break above 200K dps.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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sad to see a giveaway thread like this goes to 2nd page

bring up this post!
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Hey there,

Heres my current build -> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Athaba-6464/hero/31872858

Not sure really what I've spent on this build, but its definitely over 100 million. Lots of uninformed random purchases I regret that's for sure! The Skorn was the first legendary drop that has actually been good for me, and it only dropped of a trash mob next to the keywarden in the Fields of Misery. ( Got a key too, was very happy )

I recently upgraded a few pieces to get me to that DPS, but it's come at quite a heavy Life loss that I wasn't expecting! Used to have about 59k life, now 39k. I have yet so see if I can still roll around on mp7 fine, should be a challenge, which will be fun!

I'm looking for some nice pieces like I have, and I know now that apart from the eternal weapon upgrading, I need some Attack Speed gear, and Vitality on those pieces also!
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90 Human Warrior
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Hey Silverfire,

I was hoping to get in on the complete set part of your giveaway.

I had to quit playing for about a year and just recently I have been able to find time to start playing again but with school and work I still do not have the time to farm much gold and gear so I can play at higher MP levels. I also use much of my gold to help my wife out on buying gear for her char because like me, she has limited play time.

Currently I play DW/WW on MP1 or 2 and really can't play any higher because my damage is too low, I think my crit hit damage and chance are just way too low. I haven't even done any uber runs yet and have 3k elite kills for the barb. I want to be "that guy" who is able to farm MP8 - MP10, and actually get some gear drops that are worthwhile to sell/give, it would be so awesome.

I can't figure out how to switch this avatar from my WOW one over to the Diablo one so here is a link to my D3 profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Hatecore-1596/hero/3260533 I don't even play WOW anymore.

This gear set has cost me about 10-12mil and if I win I am willing to donate every piece that is upgraded.

Thank you for your time and consideration and thank you for giving back to the community.
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I would like to enter into the single item giveaway. I just recently switched from a DW/WW/hybrid build to a Skorn Rend build. I built up my EHP a bit to try to tackle MP10, but my DPS is lacking. I have a low end LS Skorn that I think needs an upgrade.
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Please consider me for one of the full set giveaways. I just recently hit 60 and am running a DW/WW setup. I think I bought my set for about 10M and right now, I can run low (<5) MP levels pretty well, but I need some more DPS to climb into the higher MP. One of those 200M sets would help with that.
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