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My observation:
how a lot of oldies like to run Prismatic armor. I guess we just don't like dying.
I run prismatic + blur when I do ubers because I hate to die when my job is to facetank arcane lasers and flies or kulle raining rocks on my head.

When I farm mobs/elites I use SnS+GC to speed up the runs.
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Cool, I just make it now that you lowered it to 27.
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09/18/2013 01:31 PMPosted by GoSuPanda
Cool, I just make it now that you lowered it to 27.

I'll have to wait around a year until I'm eligible. :(
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I demand a 0-26 club.

Edited to be more open.

You know, this is interesting. I looked into the demographics for my YouTube viewers and most people are in the 25-44 age range.

33.6% ages 25-34
28.1% ages 35-44

Edit: actually, it's not really interesting. I think that's totally normal.

The really interesting part is the 2.2% of my viewers who are 65+ years in age.
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09/18/2013 01:33 PMPosted by Jaetch
my YouTube viewers

I wish I had YouTube viewers...
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38 here.

Can I be Master at Arms?
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28 going on 29, wife and 3 kids. I might play for an hour a night, i am a very generous player, (buy gear for newbs) just started paragon lvling a second wiz, will probably take until the xpac to get to plvl 100. lol
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36 and a Wiz, can I join?
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Add me if you wish.
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Burnaway #1338 I'm 40 with 2 kids try to help and an hour a night add me no toons at 100 but 4 at 50+
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35 in American Years
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didn't yoda started something like this long time ago? I've been playing emerald class lately...
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Aw ... 4 months shy of meeting the requirements. ); Oh well.
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I'm 36 and will very generously take all the gg items you rich guys are doling out. I may/may not be an enabler.

(I've always had the impression that this forum skews pretty old)
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09/18/2013 11:40 AMPosted by yodatoy
34 here. Not rich, but I do enjoy power leveling people to their first 60, best part of the game right now.

How about we power lvl you to next 100?

Sounds good to me :) I'm a bit sporadic in my play right now. Sh@$ got a little busy at work.
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I guess I have to wait 2 months before I can join...

26 here but I am a father and husband and I could use some farming buddies who don't mind when I have to wade wrist deep through my son's stank. (Can't wait for potty training even more than the release of RoS.)
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34, married, 2-yr old daughter =)
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28 and divorced, enjoying my newly found freedom haha
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I'm in - 34 years old this October.


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