Diablo® III

rate the wizard above you :)

so we can see what to improve on :)
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5/10 - You are sorta on the right track, since you know that you need attack speed and crit chance, but you need more crit chance, get it to at least 50%. However, you seem to be chasing DPS rather then mitigation/EHP. That's not really the right way to go CM wiz, imo. If you got more armor and all res, you could run storm armor instead of pris armor and increase your effective DPS by 40%. You have 0 life on hit and aren't running blood magic. I'm guessing you probably die a lot.

Also, your items aren't really synergized with each other. Generally with chant's set, you would use BT pants for life on hit, and you definitely need that in your build. With mempo, you need an apoc force, not ehp force. Running 10 APOC isn't going to cut it especially with only 48% crit.
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216/394 - Pretty solid Wizard, would be nice to see you get some attack speed on that ammy so you can upgrade to non-lacuni bracers, I always hate to see absolutely no intelligence on really any part of a Wizard's gear.

Also, your hate is ugly. Not bad, but it needs a spit-shine.

Also, next person, hahahahah I'm naked!! Buahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah!!!
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@ Kaniran

ur wizard is nearly nekked
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Dude where's your gear :C

@BDF Do you even NEED upgrades?
Edited by Vicc#1262 on 9/19/2013 5:37 AM PDT
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@GoSuPanda: Nice overall wiz !! 8.5/10 good job on the Crafted BoA items !!
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What else is there? Your Force could use that one extra point of Max AP lol. Grats though, very nice wiz man. 9.5/10.
Edited by Bukizzle#1560 on 9/19/2013 6:01 AM PDT
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Niiiice sword @bukizzle...guess you could go for some more DPS, but everything else is great! 9/10
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ss build 10/10
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Solid as usual.....10/10 :)
Edited by Hitman#1258 on 9/19/2013 6:19 AM PDT
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9/10 this is ipidome of greatness. well done sir.
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@Bangarang - good DPS, but a little squishy on the AR...maybe keep crafting the bracers? 8/10
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A solid SNS wizard. There are no obvious holes you need to plug. Progress for you is just turning up the dial on more on all the things you already have. Increase RA, increase LoH, increase DPS (CHD seems to be where you're lacking the most), increase eHP, etc, etc. If I had to pick one right now from a glance, I'd guess that you are perhaps a little light on eHP with your current life+mit standing. Nice job. 8/10.

Edited by dolynick#1290 on 9/19/2013 7:33 AM PDT
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(please don't rate again)
@szythyxs11: No more crafting DE until ROS. I am at 700 with my high int. MIT fluxuates depending on ring used. I float around 600k edps 2.74 sns and 500k edps 2.51 sns/meteor.
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Well I have nothing to rate then.
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09/19/2013 07:03 AMPosted by Limedaiquar
Well I have nothing to rate then.

I guess that's true, dolynick is above the rating of this trivial planar existance.

6/10: You have 200 resistance from gear? I'm not sure how you sustain with such low mit.
Edited by Bangarang#1494 on 9/19/2013 7:26 AM PDT
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Way to skip 3 people Grim -_-

Bah and you Bangarang doesn't want a rate.
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:P mp10 all day everyday

you guys all have lovely wizards!
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wow eww no clue what to say, never tryed a knockback cm wiz b4, looks interesting, the amount of knockback you have with both teleport calamity and teleporting wave seems redundant, i would drop wave of force to add something else ... i am thinking of maybe slow time or a dmg boosting passive, and if you do this, i presume the passive on energy armor could be switched to something else go give more ehp, doing these changes would bring you to the next point, illusionist wich with cm seems to become redundant, did you think of something else ?
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lolololol amos 10/10
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