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rate the wizard above you :)

Wow! Those are two solid looking Wiz's ThreeStars. 20/20. My only advice would be to ditch the Tal's Ammy . . . and give it to me. Seriously though I can't think of anything to improve off the top of my head.
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Tal rasha Offhand to a chantdildos one and astral presence can be replaced to "Cooooooooold bloooooooded" as Rick James would say.
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definitely too much vit. I'm sure you can craft bracers without. might also consider looking into lower rolls on chest and boots
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@FourDfx - not bad! lacking in the dps and ar department tho! need more raw dps stats like cd and int !
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Is it possible I get a freebie?

@Emperor; I have no idea what I'm even looking at. 200k health? There must be a glitch, that character should be HC ;P

Next person, rate Emperor too, i r teh n00b. =D

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Sorry I didn't rate the wiz above me, But I would like to see what you guys think about my wiz and what I could do to improve her. Thank you.
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You are right on track! Every piece is going to need to be upgraded, slowly but surely, then you will start seeing your dps climb to the 200k range.

A few things to consider:
-upgrading gems
-getting more crit chance
-you need another item with arcane power on crit. you have two choice: storm crow (cheaper option by far) or chantodo's force with APoC.
-I would probably not use that hellfire ring unless it was trifecta or damn good.
-you're going to want more All Resistance... like on chest or belt or elsewhere
-unless you have the 2.73 break point.. i would drop ur attack speed to 2.54.. innas pants is really bad.. I would go for BH pants with 2 sockets

Good luck and well done for now!
Edited by Obechu#1116 on 10/20/2013 2:03 PM PDT
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^^..try to prioritize All Res and Armor First before CD..but overall its ok..ill give 8/10.
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shouldnt be much problem running with ur cm.. nice decent build.. 8/10
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Thanks guys.
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@ kreyzie - awesome DPS on your Archon Wizard - 9/10. Could definitely use more all resist and a life steal weapon... how do you survive vs RD packs?

My wizard: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TexaStranger-1793/hero/22185386 . He's a two day old experiment to see what I could do with 150m gold, so go easy!
Edited by TexaStranger#1793 on 10/21/2013 10:24 AM PDT
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Here is my Archon Wiz: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/VietPho-1419/hero/37179162

My next upgrade will be the Triumvirate and maybe main hand (That weapon was originally for my Monk).
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Do me do me, let me have it
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ill be impressed at <10k hp. :P
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10/22/2013 04:36 AMPosted by YORI
Do me do me, let me have it

are those the lowest vit tals and trail? I am sure you can find lower. Vit on brace too. Booo.. untill then -10/20.
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Here's my profile


on EU forums ppl just suggest me crafts, but I'd rather spend the few gold I got on something else than a lottery :D
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Drop Tyrael's and go with a cheaper Tal's chest. You can get high INT w 9IAS pretty cheap these days. You can probably also score a nice vit roll OR an AR -- maybe not both -- for less than 20 million.

Pants have a nice INT roll, but you would probably do better with Inna's -- and they alleviate the problem of having to switch out your bracers back to Lacuni's (though that might not be a bad choice if you can score some with nice INT and a little vit for cheap).

You should drop the IAS on the Pox and look for one with higher INT, avg. dmg, or all of those plus CC -- CC/CD should be prioritized for Archon since they offer the best returns per point on sheet dps (usually).

That's actually a really nice amulet, but once you switch to Tal's chest, it'll be really difficult to find a crafted amulet that will beat most Allegiance's with avg. dmg.

Overall, you're on the right track. Right now, it's just a matter of upgrading a piece at a time. I'd guess you can put together a very nice set for under 100 million if you shop carefully.

...also, just drop Teleport and go with Improved Archon. I understand why Teleport is viewed as a nice "oh sh*t" button, and at really high DPS levels it can probably create a lot of efficiency, but you should be playing low act areas with really high monster density (Fields, Crypt, Halls) and teleport just isn't quite as useful there. It can save you once in a while, but the efficiency gain you'll get from Improved Archon will be staggering.
Edited by aiglos78#1328 on 10/22/2013 9:28 AM PDT
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foa an arcon you need more ehp..but you have very nice dps..8/10
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Was that directed toward me?

I guess I'm a bit confused...is almost 800k EHP low for an archon? With Dodge, I'm over 900k.

Total mitigation in archon is 92.6%

I'm open to suggestions, but it's sort of hard to figure out where I would sacrifice DPS for EHP.

...or why? I facetank MP7 and die VERY rarely. I facetank MP8 with BM with little trouble, too. I stay away from MP10 in general because archons just aren't very efficient at MP10 unless your gear is stratospheric (like Jaetch levels of bad-assery).

note: I'm not being defensive. Like I said, it's just hard to figure out where I would make real sacrifices or why. At this point, basically every upgrade is 1b or more; hell, even sidegrades are crazy expensive.
Edited by aiglos78#1328 on 10/22/2013 2:51 PM PDT
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great build and gear cannot see any easy improvements either.

its all compromises from here on in i think aiglos

maybe could consider high end depth diggers and lacunis as an alternative

interesting comment about mp also i go ok at 7 but any higher i die too easily

my barb strolls around 10 and his gear is comparable I think.
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