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rate the wizard above you :)

so op
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@ Color Death 9/10 for beating inferno with that gear 4/10 because mp 5 is probably the highest you could efficiently go.

@ Amos Clearly you took my advice on the build and gear. So the question then becomes how awesome is it really? I mean It gave me a good 30 minute laugh. Hope you don't get kicked too much. Otherwise +11/10
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?.... :p
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^ sweet wiz but id trade that echo for a sword, u have no life steal!!
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tryin to craft one no luck though....
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very good crafted items..all around solid build...unless you have unlimited gold not much I could even suggest..
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Nice DPS but it looks like survivability and CC are issues. You need some more LOH and some more AR wouldn't hurt. CC on the amulet and some blackthorn pants could help.
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@ shadow1066:

More cc would make the meteor raining down better,


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I hate getting skipped in these threads.

@ grezel 6/10
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9/10 for excellent meteor gear
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envy you good sir...

im not high on the uppty up of things... my only notices were keeping every figure you have and just up it like 9cc on the source GO FOR 10!! LOL great build

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thread dead ;(
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10/10 good job
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OMG! you use a rare wand MH too!

Bloody legend 11/10

Awwww then i saw the ehp (-10)
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10/10 really wish i had the cash to emulate it
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maybe you could find a wand with better damage?
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I'd put that radiant amethyst in the crotch area for better support.
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#IamLegend, 9.5/10, your wizard does great damage and has above average defenses! One critique is I would try to upgrade the Skorn eventually. You are missing some damage on it but it might be out of your price range.
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09/19/2013 07:43 PMPosted by Bangarang
lolololol amos 10/10
7/10 how do you heal yourself
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7/10 cause you do good damage, TR chest with Ar or bracer with vit would be nice.
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