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rate the wizard above you :)

feel like you could use a bit more ehp. as you said in your post for evo, theres not really one place that's lacking. you hit the 2.73 breakpoint which is nice with an open socket. just main improvement with be a bit more armor, maybe 4k.
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11/27/2013 02:35 PMPosted by Aetherhole

First off, welcome to the Wiz forums. You're definitely fine on the eHP side of things, the only thing you want to consider is at your current DPS you likely don't want to be doing MP10. The idea of Archon is to to kill things fast enough to be able to to sustain the Archon. Be okay with doing a lower MP level and you will just plow straight through everything, yield better exp returns as well as having more fun.

Even at full buff, 525k dps, for my wiz I find myself still doing MP 7-8 just for the speed.

It's a solid start! There's not just one place that's really lacking for you, but each slot could have an incremental (or not-so-incremental) that will make a large difference in the long run.

thx for the welcome :) and yea im not suire what route i want to take . i always could move some of my wd gear over if i had to but id rather not do that. and i know i could prob easily farm mp7-8 and just farm mp10 crypt in groups for fast xp. but ill have to reconsider and maybe buy a fw more upgrades first. ty for your input and time mate.
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@ evo

haven't ran with ur awesome wd for a while. :) and that's a nice archon wiz. All the best building it up! :)

Let's hit the crypt sometime!


~ Fatality
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Very nice wiz! I tried going cm/sns but that wasn't for me in the end. so I'm very much impressed
DAT GEAR :drools:

9.8/10 as there is always room for improvement ;) hehe

PS, im relatively new to this section of the forums. I usually monk, but have been playing archon recently. Enjoying it heaps!!!
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@weegee 8/10

Nice to get to 300k, I just recently did myself and still managed to stay at 50k life.

After finally getting a decent 1hnd I just have to get a crit mempo to complete my build. After that I really would like to get a better ammy. I'll replace the Ruby with amethyst when I get the mempo and I think I need to get deep freeze for nova right? I'd also like ias on the gloves but that's a pretty penny usually.
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Nice work on the DPS and keeping 50k life, i had to sacrifice life to get my DPS, might be buffed in my profile as i had to duck out of the game quick. Unbuffed i am at 320ish. My resists are a bit higher but it equals out to about the same.

7.5/10, will change to 8/10 once you get Deep Freeze! no need for cold snap as you should be in archon almost all the time, and when you aren't, the deep freeze and LL combo will refresh the frost nova so fast....if you even have to recast it before archon is up again :)
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Newer Wizard here. I have enjoyed this thread very much, but am very confused about gear and builds. I like playing Archon and am mostly looking to clear Inferno solo for now. Any constructive advice is welcome.

Keeping with the thread, Keystone, i have no advice to offer. For what it's worth
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6572969342 - in depth guide on Archon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_218334&feature=iv&src_vid=TdNVRkbOVsM&v=55dsTuxP8Nc - video guide
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Hi everyone!

Haven't been playing D3 for a good 7-8 months. Got kinda bored of it. However, I'm really excited for RoS and the Wizard looks like it's going to be really fun to play in the expansion so I wanted to come back and give her a shot. The wiz was the first class I leveled up to 60. :)

Going for the standard archon farming wizard for paragon xp. I bought some gold on the AH and spent like 100m on her so she's really budget but I am looking for some advice on what I should upgrade. I know going into RoS the entire gear set (outside of rings, amulets and possible gloves) and skills will change so I'm not too interested in being the best of the best. Just wondering if there are any super easy upgrades.

I do know my Lacuni is a relatively easy upgrade. Trying to win a 5-6 CC, 9 IAS and Vit one on the AH at the moment.
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Hi WindGrace upgrade the Sword 1100+dps for 100-200 mil you can get a massive Upgrade.

Just Back as well spent a few bucks myself on upgrades nothing crazy though and that is all they get lol . LOS looks good no more chasing Dragons for me got worked over by blizzard a few months back so will play casually now hoping Cain makes a comeback in LOS .
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Thanks NOBREKKY, appreciate that
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no worries mate...now waiting for the next person to rate my wiz =P
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Wizard looks solid. 7/10. You may want to consider dropping a little bit of your health or CC to up your AR and DPS, but as a CM wizard the DPS isn't that important (to a group, not to you). :) The Nats boots are nice but I think the ring is holding you back a little bit.
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welp, i recently made my set so, I'd like to know if its any good and what i should do to increase my DPS
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