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Paragon 2.0 question

is gold going to reset to zero on ladder?


who said anything about ladder??
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Sorry I am a bit behind. Between now and Paragon 2.0, is it better to level up all classes (monk, barbarian, wizard, DH, WD) to paragon 100 or level up just one class, e.g. monk, multiple times? Obviously, it is way easier to get 6 paragon level 100 monks and paragon level 1 for the other 4 classes than it is to get 2 of each class at paragon level 100. How would the Paragon 2.0 point system be distributed based on the 2 scenarios? Can the other class get some sort of free riding from multiple maxed paragon monks?
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Please do NOT limit the options of distributing paragon Points to the level that you are at. That takes away the freedom that you are promised us right from the scratch. If someone wants to go pure offensive - let him do it. If someone wants pure defensive - let him do! That will give us the option of making up for the lack of gear that might be there at the beginning when we start off until the moment when we will have good enough gear. Following scenario:
You play 5-10 h a week and are able to find very good offensive but no defensive gear. What you will do is making up with the paragon system by setting everything to defensive stats. Later on you will find 1 or 2 very good def items and you will restat your character to more utility and less defensive because you have found something that makes up for it. And so on and so forth. Basicly this is the idea. Using the paragon 2.0 system for the lack of gear until you are able to find something that is good enough to replace your initally set points for something else. Only a free distribution can help realizing that.
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Very important question I think everyone missed here (Correct me if I am wrong):

Upon launch of the expansion, will all my Level 60 characters in the expansion have access to the paragon points? Or do I have to hit max level at level 70 to be able to use those points?

This definitely affects how I play my characters then and now. Like whether my Level 60 toons will be weaksauce initially at the start of the expansion because they lose access to the extra 300 mainstat and 200 vit or other benefits from paragon points (before they reach max level 70).

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It is based on the total experience found on all your characters, whether that be one or 10. So whichever way you think you can get the most experience that is the way you want to go accourding to what they are saying at the moment.

But knowing Blizzard stick around awhile and that may change.
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The question still not answered when you have now 10 characters (normal or hc) all paragon 100 and delete (extreme :X) them all and leveling 10 new characters what happen if paragon 2.0 goes live? Paragon 2.0 376=Paragon 1.0 104.544.000.000 experience or 534=Paragon 1.0 experience?
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This really isn't too hard. Play one character at a time until you hit Paragon 100 and then move on to another character. Exp will stack up for the expansion.
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The sad thing is, after you reach a high enough paragon level, all characters will have the same build... Really? Where is the customization? Why not be able to pick 3 main stats that you can max out a percentage over the cap if you choose to? This would encourage diversity... If that is the goal, then please understand, the game will be just as boring as it is regardless of the no cap on paragon eventually... Everyone will be the same again... Please allow us to have at least something that will be different from the other players once we level up so much... Thanks!!! :)
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09/20/2013 06:49 PMPosted by Lylirra
- Under Paragon 2.0, if a character dies or is deleted, the amount of Paragon experience it contributed to your Shared Paragon level will not be lost. This is a benefit of having Paragon experience stored at the account level, rather than at the character level.

Not working on PTR, I deleted a 60(45) char and copied again the account for the PTR again, and paragon decreased! (BUG?)

Ok, if a character dies or is deleted, maybe I can delete an 60(100) and create a new one, this will be added Xp?
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I think you all are worrying way too much about this.

1: Once a single character hits Paragon 100, that character no longer earns experience in the current live system (paragon 1).

2: You can have up to 10 characters with Paragon 100 in the current live system (paragon 1).

3: The patch/RoS with the paragon 2 system auto re-totals the experience for all characters that have paragon levels into one lump sum. That being whatever the final actual curve ends up as. For example, I have a P100, a P65, a P29, a P8 and a P3. My total paragon in the PTR right now is 145.

4: Deleting a character BEFORE the patch/RoS (or transfer to the PTR/RoS Beta) loses whatever paragon that character has from your available pool. Once in the new system, deleting won't affect your points.

4.5 Hardcore. Not sure about death here. I think if the character isn't deleted you still get the paragon transferred though. That one needs clarity.

5: Playing with characters already capped at Paragon 100 in the current live paragon 1 system will not earn you any more XP toward the new account paragon 2 in Loot2/RoS.

6: Softcore and Hardcore are separate. You have a Paragon for each side, but they do not combine.

7: Paragon points/skills are immediately available, even to a level 1 character. You do not have to have a level 60 or level 70 to use them once you have earned some with the new paragon 2 system.

These are summations of me reading posts the last few months from staff or people that did or do know the answers. or what I know from first hand experimentation I'm sure that list can be checked and verified. Anyway. If I'm wrong, that's ok too. lol

Game on.

Edited for some major clarity. I had put this post up in a hurry the day I did it. Sorry about that.
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I love the idea of infinite Paragon, just to let you know. It means our characters can never stop improving and can continue to get better forever. IMO Paragon leveling is the best thing to ever happen in D3. I also like Monster Power but I wish that was infinite as well. We should ALWAYS be able to continually test our skills and there should never be a limit on that.
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Still confused.

My goal (and I'm real close) is to get all 5 of my toons to P-100. Under Paragon 2.0 I'm still capped at 100 (XP) what's the point of advancing to p1000? That would be for the sake of vanity (which is fine, if that's what it is--but make that clear.)

If all my toons are P100 when RoS comes out and I start to play the crusader, is he at P100?
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01/25/2014 03:34 PMPosted by Fragbait
Still confused.

My goal (and I'm real close) is to get all 5 of my toons to P-100. Under Paragon 2.0 I'm still capped at 100 (XP) what's the point of advancing to p1000? That would be for the sake of vanity (which is fine, if that's what it is--but make that clear.)

If all my toons are P100 when RoS comes out and I start to play the crusader, is he at P100?

Where do you get capped at a 100? Only in the current game system do you even have a cap. And it is on each character.

In the new paragon system, ALL PARAGON from any characters that HAVE paragon levels will get totaled together for an account paragon. 10x100 will not = 1000 paragon though. It will be far less, but its based on the new XP curve. There is no cap. See my example above about what my paragon is on the new system.

So if you have say 250 (as an example) paragon on the new system, ALL of your characters, no matter what base level (1-60/70 with RoS) will have 250 paragon. But softcore and hardcore have a separate system. Only softcore paragons count for softcore in the new system and same for hardcore characters.
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Just download ptr and test it out or check this site http://www.diablo3xp.com/
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What about the people such as myself, that put 500 hours on a character after capping at level 60, before paragon even existed, and got no help back then?

Could we be compensated in any way?

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