Diablo® III

Error 3006 has developed again.

I have tried everything humanly possible to resolve it myself and nothing suggested is working. I completely uninstalled and redownloaded, I made sure pnp was off (was losing internet connection while trying to logon before this) I've talked to my isp and everything is tip top. I haven't been able to log in for two days now. Every now and then I get in and get kicked out within minutes with a 3007 error. I have also tried the EU and Asia server's with the same results. This is so frustrating I can't even begin to express it. Please respond with something usefull towards this problem.
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For whatever reason D3 doesn't seem to like wireless connections. In a desperate attempt I bought a lan cable and ran it to my computer and boom logged right on and have been playing for an hour without problems.
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Sorry to bump this thread but I think it might help some people. I did an experiment with wireless and what I did was rerouted my modem right next to my gaming rig and tried wireless and wired connections. Even with them not even a foot away from each other the wireless did not wanna connect to battle.net (internet connection kept dropping out and reconnecting) and when it did connect I got a 3006 error when retrieving my hero list. Ran an internet cable between them and boom I've been playing Hardcore for the last two day with the most stable connection I have EVER had with D3. With wireless being widely used it's just something to think about. If you get a chance try it and see what happens.
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Yep. I can't report any gold selling spammers or people going nuts in general chat trolling spamming, all I ever get is Error 3006. But if I say Diablo 3 is a pay 2 win in general forums I get a 7 day forum ban, rofl. Good job Blizz.
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Somewhat off topic there. What I'm trying to say is I have a theory that a portion of the people with the connection errors are using wireless internet connections. Trying using a wired connection and see if it helps. Difference was night and day in my experience.
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