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Shock Pulse - Explosive Bolts Buff?

Anyone else sitting back and hoping for a buff to Explosive bolts?

Its my main spell, and it seems just a little under powered, I have seen suggestions in the past about allowing it to Buff onto monsters for 1 second so that anyone who kills them causes them to explode.

Any other other suggestions out there rather than just raising DPS or AOE?
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I kinda hope it goes from on kill to random chance so it is always useful no matter the enemy. I rarely use it because it is essentially no rune when facing elites/bosses.
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It's awesome for clearing tightly packed, low HP trash in a very fun way. It has a very high WEEEEEE factor. But unfortunately, it's not very good against elites. I would suggest its best function is along side some AP spender that you can spam or almost spam with a small AOE or no AOE to use as your main skill vs. elites like RoF, disintegrate, AT, AO.

A good way to buff shock pulse in general would be to have the bolts pierce all enemies. LL and PO already do this, kinda would make sense if the other runes did too. Otherwise it's going to remain inferior to blades because they hit harder and hit everything in front of you whereas SP hits max of 3 mobs.

I've posted a couple builds that use this skill. Although they are viable, neither are very high efficiency and mostly intended for mid-MPs unless you are geared out the wazoo.
Write-ups are a little outdated, with me talking about running MP4 and such.
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