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Critical RMAH Error! Happening Both Ways(Buy/Sell!)


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Why do they keep accepting transactions when they've known of this error? Unacceptable business practices. I'll wait one more day and I'll look at what my options are, this is a disgrace.
09/24/2013 12:31 AMPosted by Bandofgypsys
Why do they keep accepting transactions when they've known of this error? Unacceptable business practices. I'll wait one more day and I'll look at what my options are, this is a disgrace.

right: your options:
chargeback and lose access to your account.
suck it up and wait, you'll get whatever it is eventually.
or lawyer up, (but you'll end up wasting more time and effort than its worth it)
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Thanks Araxom.
hi gm you send me a mesage to wisper you.
Yes I have not received some gold I bought when the announcement was made.
The solution is simple. Ban Blizzard products until they learn to treat their customers with a modicum of respect. I'm refusing to touch any games from them at the moment due to such (Yes, Blizzard, that means I'm deliberately ignoring your pleas to renew my WoW accounts...you won't be receiving money from me) until at bare minimum said issue is resolved, and potentially permanently given the treatment of this by the organization.

I hear FFIV's reboot is pretty good...maybe their customer service will be better as well. (Side note, I'm also playing a f2p MMO that provides better support than Blizzard anymore.)
Hi all, just wanted to drop in and let you know that we are aware of this issue and it is currently being investigated. Although I don't have much more to share right at this moment, I will continue to update the thread as information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime!
Thanks for posting an update on the forums. Just FYI I called customer service yesterday myself to see what was up. I was surprised to have them pick up on the second ring and not have to sit on hold for an hour. The gist of what they told me:

"We are having problems processing items in the AH, but rest assured I see that you won your bids in question and will see them in your completed tab in 7-10 business days. Maintenance tomorrow may resolve the issue."
Gold ah is screwed as well, bought out a pair of very low lvl boots last night for one of my low lvl avatars and transaction completed but no boots, now the poor thing is runnin around barefooted! Complete epic fail for a gaming company and a very bad reflection on its employees! Glad I removed them from my paypal acct months ago, wouldn't consider anything else but prepaid cards and at this point, even those are too questionable to buy or use as well.
Same problem...got the error message and I thought it was heavy traffic or something wrong with the item I was going to get. So silly me I tried again a few times...and each transaction has failed. Hope to hell they fix it! I submitted a ticket almost immediately after it happened. They gave me the same lines...we ain't responsible, can take several days...blah blah blah. We aren't responsible...that was an interesting one....yes yes we created the game and yes we created the AH/RMAH....but we are absolved of all our sins because we have disclaimers!!! So screw you loyal paying customer!
Hey Araxom, you might want to pass this along to the devs so they can look into this. There's another issue with the GAH, in which some items are appearing on the GAH for a 0 gold bid and no buyout, and when people go to bid on these items, they can't because it throws up an error. Either you have a bug in your system apparently caused by the maintenance last week (that's when I first noticed this), or someone is bidding, and then using an exploit that zeroes out the bids on items so no one else can bid on the item. Mind you this only seems to happen on upper-middle-end to high-end items from what I've noticed. From what I've been told by a mate of mine (this happened to him yesterday), when the auction ends, the seller gets the item back, and the buyer gets his gold (though this issue has never happened to me, so I can't confirm this.) I'm not sure about RMAH (I never use RMAH), but it could also be possible that this is why people aren't getting their GAH payouts.

You might want to have the devs look into it while they're doing maintenance today, as this could potentially cause problems on both ends.
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We can talk till where blue in the face the bottom line will have to wait and see if this maintence clears it up one can only hope....
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Guys give Blizzard a break its just a crash it happens, They announced the release of the expansion then they announce the termination date of the AH all within close time of each other so naturally a ton of people want to get back into d3 and buy stuff.. so It overloaded. Give them the 7-10 days they say (Servers are down for extra time this week i noticed so they're probly working on it as we speak) and lets all remember in the future that playing LEGIT never gives you these problems / feelings your all experiencing right now. I said this from day 1 that the Real money AH was not good for a Legit community, but at least now the lesson is finally learned , better late than never and looking forward to Reaper of Souls Expansion!!!
Looks like it is Blizzard that is broken not just the AH. The best way to deal with such a problem is to not just no longer buy from the AH, but to no longer buy any of Blizzards software. From once being a top notched gaming company to now becomming quickly a has been.

My question is where did all those people go that made Blizzard great. Also, where are they finding all the people that are running it into the ground.

Did the emergence of free online games (not always free) really drain all the talent away from them or are they now just trying to make games on the cheap.

All these years to develpe D3 and we got THIS!!

BLIZZARD either straighten up or become irrelevant. BEWARE YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!
I like that part about playing legit Galacticus. :D

When the expansion does release, I'm becoming a Crusader anyways. We'll see how the loot system pans out.
OK Blizz! Today is my B-Day! SO ... I expect to log on after maintenance today and see my items (purchased on 17, $40 and $50) completed!!
It'll probably happen when maintenance ends, but you may have to wait for the order to process.
Oh both have been completed, processed.. just waiting for the items to be claimable..
Same issue. processing since as far back as the 17th. :-/
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