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Critical RMAH Error! Happening Both Ways(Buy/Sell!)


I bought a couple bucks worth of gold off RMAH about a week ago with via..

Blizzard already took the money for the gold but I have yet to receive anything from AH yet.

long story short "I know that feel"
You sure had no problem posting 3 pending transactions to my bank account for one purchase in a two day span. Then once all those declined you post a forth. Unreal this relationship is going nowhere it may be time for us to see other people :).
I can haz my stuff nao? Anyone able to tell me if maintenance fixed it, kinda doubting it since i still have not received "auction won" emails from blizz... I want my stuff!!
I've been charged yet no items or gold from RMAH.

When does it come to the point of a refund?
Well I'm on my one-week mark now, still nothing. I did issued a ticket but the response I got was basically telling me it might be 10 days or more, and there is no "guarantee when it'll be delivered"

And since you can't do a chargeback, which will get you banned, I guess we all just have to wait, or ask for a refund AFTER a given amount of days has passed.

Ever since the AH announcement, we have routing lag problems, game play FPS drop and shutter, now the RMAH issue.

Come on Blizz, get your stuff together and live up to your customers' expectation.
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I received an email for my rmah purchase with the the words "your item will be delivered with in 48 hours" this also is a receipt because it has the legal description of what you bought and paid for time and date of purchase there for its a promise of delivery which any bank will do an investigation and give you back your money for failure to deliver within the given time period so if they do not refund your money the financial institution you use will do a fraud investigation and give you back your money im doing mine to day this is going to be a process Blizz doesnt get it if you send out a email saying a time frame they are contractually bound to follow it and im tierd of the Gm's being little B------ and not just saying ok problem fixxed heres your stuff you know they can but just dont
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Don't you think you should take the RMAH offline until you fix this? Just saying.

TBH, they should probably just bring forwards the 18 Mar date - and be done with it.
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Hey Araxom, you might want to pass this along to the devs so they can look into this. There's another issue with the GAH, in which some items are appearing on the GAH for a 0 gold bid and no buyout, and when people go to bid on these items, they can't because it throws up an error. Either you have a bug in your system apparently caused by the maintenance last week (that's when I first noticed this), or someone is bidding, and then using an exploit that zeroes out the bids on items so no one else can bid on the item. Mind you this only seems to happen on upper-middle-end to high-end items from what I've noticed. From what I've been told by a mate of mine (this happened to him yesterday), when the auction ends, the seller gets the item back, and the buyer gets his gold (though this issue has never happened to me, so I can't confirm this.) I'm not sure about RMAH (I never use RMAH), but it could also be possible that this is why people aren't getting their GAH payouts.

You might want to have the devs look into it while they're doing maintenance today, as this could potentially cause problems on both ends.

This is also being addressed as well, thanks! I'm putting a sticky up now regarding the backlog of AH transactions still being looked into. Just wanted to express my thanks for everyone's patience in the meantime. If I go quiet for a bit it doesn't mean I've abandoned y'all, but rather I may just not have new information to report at this time. I want to be optimistic and say this is not going to take very long to be worked out - but from the last communication I have it does appear that the investigation is still ongoing. Anyway, it will be my priority to update the thread/sticky as soon as I do have more info to share.
Thanks again Araxom. Pop by the HC forum a bit more often if you get the time :D
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Will do! Hope you're staying alive and killing those Demons like a champ, Rav1n! :)
Yep, hit p(100) about a month or so ago and started another character. Amazingly I haven't lost a HC 60 (yet). Here lately I've been playing SC a bit seeing what I can do with low eHP/DPS at higher breakpoints in mid-high MP. You know, plotting my moves for loot 2.0 and RoS.
Seems like all the forums have Blizzard folks commenting that they are aware of the issue. Why is it that nobody seems to know what the issue is or when it will be resolved? I know this would not be tolerated on the software I work on.
time to remove the RMAH and gold Ah when curent auctions end and allow no new auctions. this is a prime example as to why the AH's has to be shutdown sooner instead of later!
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OR why is it that although blizzard knows there is a problem...instead of shutting down the ah's and fixing it, they continue to let people purchase and add to the list of transactions that seem to be in a black hole somewhere.
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I have called every 2 days since last Wednesday!!! Same answer, should go through soon. I thought it was just me. Wish I would have seen this post before I bought 500m of gold !!!
Takes up to 48 hours. Takes up to 3-5 days. Takes up to 8-10 days. Stop with the arbitrary time frames and just tell us the truth. There is a problem, you don't know what it is, and you don't know when it will be fixed. Giving us these time frames only sets up an expectation that we will have our items/money by that day, and when that day passes and we still don't have our items, we just get more pissed off.

I can take the delay, I can't take the lies and failure to accept responsibility.
The "0" ususlly appears for items that have recently been cancelled btw
I'm up to 9 days waiting now. One more day Until i get to that 10 day wait everyone's been holding out for. I'll let you know if Blizzard tell me to wait 15 or 20 days this time
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