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Quick question about CM Wizards

So I am working on building a CM wizard, my DarkLure (Female) wizard. My question is which is better against single targets?:


64 CC
3.0788 APS
1505 LoH

(I know some of those numbers are high...but it just is the gear I chose and stats it has.)


64.5 CC
3.4 APS
609 LoH

Would the extra 5 WW help that much, enough to loose the 9 APOC? Would 17 be enough at that attack speed to keep it up?
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It is a weird question because you will hardly ever play only agains single targets.
Sure, more APoC will always be better agains single targets since your AP regen will be slower.
The same goes to LoH. Since you are only playing single target, you would be better with more LoH to faster regen.

BUT, above 3.01 APS, any decent wiz will be able to perma freeze targets. Lets say your target is perma freeze and it should be easily done because you are only playing agains one target. So LoH is not really needed since he will hardly ever hit you. More than that, with higher CC your freezing power is better and with more APS breakpoint you will hit more ( assuming both have same DPS ).

So, I'd pick number 2 for faster killing.
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Thank you Chatassys, actually the DPS is almost identical....weird how that is. Basically I'd switch pants and helm from ImThinking wiz to DarkLure wiz. I think I will go test some on da fat guy and see what happens.

I do appreciate your insight into the matter.
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Well...I just picked up a Force with 10 APOC, so that would give me the required 20 minimum that people say you need. I am going to jump up to the 3.4 and see how that works. Thanks again.
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I don't know of any wizard that can permafreeze a single target. Not trolling
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