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Best gear for permafrost wiz on mp10 ubers?

Hey guys, looking for help with gear/skills. I no i can add a couple crit on lacunis ,but am i hurting myself taking away my storm crow(+9 ap on crit) to add another 9% as?

Also, should i get a nat set for the 7% cc? and maybe a chan todo with +6 cc on wicked wind, but the attack speed will drop to 1.65 on the wand?

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I would not change the wand you need to keep that APS up to keep your WW spinning as fast as they can. I think going for the Nat set to increase your CC is the best way to go. As far as the storm crow goes, you have to ask yourself how your ap is during battle. If you find you are running low or out then you need to go with the SC if you are doing fine then you can keep what you have. You can get a lot more Mit, res all, and apoc out of a SC. If you can afford it try to get a Mempo.
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thx, yeah just checked out some mempos, still a little pricey

Btw, is the all res worth it to lose the cc and +100 int on the SC?
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Your ehp is way low for mp10 ubers. You're at 257k ehp without dodge, and you really want 350k+ for mp10 ubers. I prefer at least 400k. Your profile shows about 590 all resist, you want to be over 800. Armor is not as bad, but you could do with over 4000. Finally you want to add some hit points so you can avoid being one or two-shot.

That's on the defensive side, on the offensive side, your attack speed is low. Most people want to hit the 2.73 attacks per second break point, at minimum you want to hit the 2.5 attacks per second break point. Dropping your storm crow for a mempo is probably not the route you want to take to get there though. You need to get an APoC source if you get a mempo and it becomes a very expensive upgrade. You can usually do better keeping the storm crow and upgrading elsewhere.

As for your gear, do you use that hellfire when doing ubers? It's not very good, and you'd be better off with a ring with crit chance and attack speed. If you stick with rare bracers, you could look to add an armor roll, or try to craft an upgrade. Ice climbers could use a vitality roll to give you some more ehp. Nat ring and boots would up your crit chance, but your CC is not that bad if you lose the hellfire for a CC ring, and you probably lose ehp compared to a decent ice climber/rare ring combo.

Your chest is an ehp blackhole, look to get at least one or two of all resist, armor, double vitality on a tal chest. The blackthorne pants are not terrible, but again you can look for at least one of armor, all resist, and double vitality. You have a really good WH belt for dps, but again it an ehp loser and needs one of all resist, armor, vitality.
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