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Issue keeping Mobs frozen!

I am a cm wiz with around 190k unbuffed and 208k buffed, I have 2.74 AS and I am having a little trouble staying alive.

Please take a look at my gear and tell me what I should upgrade

Note: I dont want to upgrade anything that will lower my AS, if i down grade on AS item i need to upgrade another item to AS.
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Need more cc. Need more LOH.

Use Deep Freeze. Use Teleport.
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Need more cc. Need more LOH.

Use Deep Freeze. Use Teleport.
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Well dude, you only have 9 APOC, and unless you are running turbo, that will not work. When you use a Mempo, you have to get APOC on the Chantodos Will and Chantodos Force. You don't have it on your Force, and you need to get one with at least 9 for a total of 18. APOC Forces have came down in price, but a good one is still expensive. And you need one with 9AS to keep the 2.73 breakpoint, also adding to the price. Your character is running out of arcane power due to this low APOC which in turn hurts the ability to cast Frost Nova which in turn hurts the freeze lockdown.

You have enough All Resist, so you need to ditch Energy armor and put in Storm Armor/Shocking Aspect and use Deep Freeze instead of Cold Snap on Frost Nova.

1. Get Chantodos Force with at least 9AS and 9APOC
2. Switch out Energy Armor for Storm Armor Shocking Aspect
3. Switch out Cold Snap for Deep Freeze
4. You should feel better.

I didn't even notice your low LoH. The amount on the Blackthornes is not enough to keep you alive. Again, with Mempo its a little harder to get it because it has to come from the amulet or one of the rings.
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Hub if you could add me ingame please I would like to talk to you more indepth about this.

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If you want some info that is much better than anything I can give you, go to the last sticky post at the top of the forum(Wizard Guides and Community), and go down until you see Shocknadoshards(SNS). Piehole lays out everything you need to know about the build, and all the little nuances. I am afraid I might tell you something wrong;)
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Piehole has a phenomenal CM wiz guide:

ShockNadoShards(SNS), CM/WW build [guide]P3

Just copy & paste this into the search field and take the time to read it...not only will it answer nearly all of your current questions, but you'll learn a heck of a lot more...and it will become a go-to source for your CM wiz hereafter!

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