Created a new wiz 2-3 weeks ago and got her up to plvl 40 messing around with a few builds. I've been liquidating my HotA MP10 barb's gear, and should have another 1billion coming my way over the next week or so when his gear finishes selling and figured that I should try and commit to a build - to that end I thought I'd ask for some input on my current builds/gearsets:

LS Archon:
I like this for the range (goblins no problem) and blasting through things like waller. Sort of like HotA/WotB mechanic but with range, but the 1 sec thing is a bit more relaxed than fury dumping and keeping WoTB alive, although I have to pay attention to CC effects.

Probably a bit undergeared to be switching to LS from LoH right now, but I just prefer LS to LoH for whatever reason. I also have a 1.79 chantodo's + source I could swap in for ubers to hit a higher breakpoint. (have also been playing around with a meteor variant, have a -5 chantodo and -4 6/30 SoJ - kinda like the idea of being a support wiz providing 10% conflag, 20% TW, 15% bone chill + freeze for super efficient farm groups)

For some reason, even though I can't really get this to work, this is the most fun (trying to get a build to work with weird gloves/SoJ/etc) playing around with sleet storm too of course, but I hate the channeling + small radius of sleet storm even though I seem to have much better survivability than with black ice. For some reason I like the wiz = lazerzzz type thing of archon and RoF, just sucks when there's a wall between me and the elites. Also Pickup Radius is fun cruise control - for whatever reason I love feeling like a vacuum sucking up orbs and gold piles across the screen.

I want to get back to MP10 asap, as I feel a bit scrubbish running 6-7 in archon, 7-8 in CM, and 4-5 in RoF. I guess my question is what set looks like it's in the best shape, or if I can get to mp10 in my RoF build with my current budget.


edit: so looking for advice into which build to go with, and which slots would be best to upgrade in that build.
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