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Black Damage question, Plz advise.

I have been playing since beta, and took a while off. Since the announcement of RoS, I am back on trying to lvl paragon. I currently am using this Chant http://s99.photobucket.com/user/JeirnofElune/media/Screenshot027_zps00ac77cc.jpg.html I love the LS, but then I was insanely lucky to find http://s99.photobucket.com/user/JeirnofElune/media/Screenshot026_zps137de823.jpg.html Was wondering if I go black Damage, is Tri the way to go for oh, or if my current Chant will be good enough, and if there are any other gear changes I should make if i go to the new wand.
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Yeah, get rid of that Chantodo's set, you don't need the APoC or the attack speed, and the fire damage is wasted.

Triumvirate + black weapon is always the way to go for Archon builds.
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If i want to try other builds, still think I will be ok?
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Depends on the build. The black wand really can't support CM builds, requiring 9 pieces of IAS gear just to hit the 2.501 breakpoint. Without a Chantodo's Force (you need a Triumvirate to bring out the best in the blackness of the weapon), that's an IAS piece in all remaining slots, leaving you with at most 10 APoC, and probably not enough EHP and mit to survive.

I'm pretty sure Meteor builds can do with lower APS, so this weapon might work for that.

I don't really know anything about SS builds (I should really read up on those), but I think the common consensus there is hard hitting 2 handers with low APS, to reduce the channeling cost.
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So is a black Weapon best in slot for Archon/Black Ice builds?
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I don't think you should worry so much that it is black. The best weapon for archon is the one that give you the most DPS, which will tend to be black because they get more benefit from elemental bonuses. Elemental bonuses are factored into you character's DPS, so what you see is what you get. If a fire weapon and a black weapon both gave you the same character DPS, then your DPS is the same. The element/blackness of you weapon will not have any impact on whether you can use it for a certain build or not. Only stats like APS, APoC, and LS will.

I'm not sure about black ice builds, but since they use a channeling spell I assume they need lower attack speed and some APoC (similar to sleet storm) to work effectively. Neither of your weapons will work great with black ice considering the amount of IAS on your armor.
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09/21/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Noholdemebac
If i want to try other builds, still think I will be ok?

I have different gear for other builds. For example, APOC gear (at least two items) for Disintegrate, Sleet Storm, etc. I have gear for SNS and Meteor (actually three APOC items for Meteor). So it just really depends on what you're trying to do.

Archon is really a different case because it's free power (I mean POWAH) and all you do is stack anything that raises your DPS. And if you stack correctly, your APS will probably be 2 or higher, so that kind of gearing isn't optimal for channeled skills unless you work around that with Living Lightning/Prodigy.
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So basically my Chant stuff for CM and my black weapon for archon?
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