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PvP gearing (DH)

Hi guys.

Last few weeks the PvE part of the game has grown a bit stale for myself and i have been doing a fair bit of PvP.


Is what i have been using. In backpack i have a 12% dex 7% elite litany, 30% near maxxed or maxxed SOJ's for each type,

I am not having many problems so far, i am finding i can "outtank" almost all except Skorn barbs rend + 2h Monk WoL Bells, and _some_ WD's. vs Wiz is *snoore* easy, monks can be either easy or *snore*.

DH's i can mostly destroy. Only Vitabarbs _really_ give me any troubles and stop me from making the game i am in all leave and run away.

Budget is near enough to ... well .... unlimited. Have a stupid crazy ammount of gold. Once AH's go i am screwed with it so figure, use it or loose it.

Builds are more flexible than a 14 year old gymnast, depending on who or what i am Vs i switch around. Same with SOJ choice.

Basically i am looking for more suggestions on Gear?

Resourcewise i find i am 100% OK honestly. If i run low on hatred, i can just S/S away, heal 1/3 of my life in a few seconds while i am running and am back to almost full resources again quick as can say "fraggle rock"

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A very good source of information on DHs for PvP is in Iria's guide at the site:

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(based on your current profile)

Decent tank-style DH you have there; however, you have limited discipline. Your dps unbuffed is kinda low but still manageable but you need Rapid Fire bonus equipment. Next, your attacks per second do not reach the 1.67 breakpoint for Rapid Fire, drastically reducing your offensive potential. Your EHP is fine, but for a strong tank set, you need more life (try 130k+). That build you have also lacks mobility and discipline so you will lose to agile balanced style DH in the long run since you cannot chase them. Also, Plague Bats and Wave of Light will eat you alive, so I wouldn't recommend that build for WD or Monk either.

See the link DerfelCadarn posted above.
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