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PS3: Can't join friend's game

A friend and I just bought the PS3 version of the game. But when trying to join each others game after ~10sec the error-message "There was a problem joining the game." appears.

I then found some suggestions of how to fix this (turn off mediaServer, disable upnp, port forwarding(for PSN and Diablo3 ports), in-game options) but neither of them did help.

Does anyone have the same issue? Any other suggestions what we could do?

Thank you!
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Most likely the user had the game set to offline/invite only. Most likely it was set to offline.
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Thanks for your reply. We experimented with those optinos a lot - didn't help though..
Any other suggestions?

Singleplayer seems to be quite entertaining, but when buying the game we both really hoped for a working online-coop mode..
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If you go public can anyone else join your game? If your friend goes public, does anyone join his?

If you can determine whether someone can join yours or his you can tell where the problem lies. If other can join his game but not yours then something on your end is causing it.

To further isolate, I would suggest plugging your cable/DSL modem directly into your PS3 rather than using Wifi or a router. This will eliminate any configuration problems. If that works then you know its a Wifi/router issue.
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My dad and I had the same problem. We both are on the same subnet of our home network. Make sure that you have media servers enabled in the ps3 network settings enabled for both you and your friend's systems.
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I am having the same problems. I have went over everything. I just finished a Keywarden run with a bunch of random people, about 4 times and there was no problem. I go to join my friend and NO GO.
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I have the same issue, I found this post with a blue response:


Hi Guys,

Typically these types of issues are the result of your network device (router/modem) or console configuration. Here is a link to our support article on Diablo III Console Connection Troubleshooting, where you will find links to the appropriate Xbox or Playstation 3 support articles:


These issues may also be a result of NAT (Network Address Translation) restrictions as well. For Xbox players, following the steps in the following Xbox support article may also prove helpful for these problems:


Playstation 3 players will need to double check your router or modem's settings to ensure that the appropriate ports are being forwarded, and that any other network settings that would restrict your console's connectivity are disabled.

You can find the information on which ports to forward in the following Playstation support article:


For more information on how to configure your modem or router to allow traffic over specific ports, please see the support information provided by the manufacturer of your specific network device.
Edited by Tsarnis on 9/4/2013 6:27 PM PDT

I spent an hour doing this and it still doesn't work. I used port forwarding for the following ports, copied from the link provided:

TCP Ports: 80, 443, 465, 983, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070

We also went through network options to ensure we both had the same region settings/disabled, and invite options the same.

It still doesn't work. Only way I can play with a friend is to take down my entire wireless network and plug my PS3 into the modem. I'll spend another hour screwing around with it double checking that I didn't mistype something.

Surprisingly I can quick-match no problem.

I wonder if blue can highlight what the issue is.
It seems fishy that we have to do port forwarding when multiplayer works fine in other games and seems to work fine when you're not playing a person in your friends list.
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10/31/2013 03:00 PMPosted by Hungsolo
Only way I can play with a friend is to take down my entire wireless network and plug my PS3 into the modem.

Is it a Belkin?

Seems to be a problem with those routers for whatever reason.
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Also having this issue. And we've played several games together. Has anyone had these solutions work for them. In my case, my cousin and I were able to play together once, and the last 3 times we've been denied.
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I really miss playing this game online with friends. I read that blue post back in October when the issue first started and I tried the suggestions.
I have NO issues with any other online game. I play DC Universe online daily.
I can play Little BigPlanet carting online with NO issues.
I can NOT play Diablo 3 online and I am very upset and frustrated.
Why did I buy this game on launch day for the PS3 if it is unplayable with other people?
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I have a Belkin but it seems like a patch or something could be pushed to resolve the issue with Belkin. The fix that is on the forums does not work.
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Everyone keeps saying it's the router , so I tried everything on here ... messed around with my router and nothing. Can do quick matches with random people, but can't join friends ...i invite they can't join mine ...it was working fine up to the other day. Anyone figure out how to make it work yet?
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i can't play multiplayer or co-op on my ps3 for Diablo 3. Everytime I go to the battlenet it just pops up the picture of a gift box and it says "join battlenet or link existing account for a free gift" referring to the Signet ring.

I have it set to "open public".

Any suggestions?
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