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[Updated] Recent Auction House Issues - 9/27


I think it would be nice if once, just once Blizzard refunded their customers for the issues...and paid the sellers. This was a ridiculous problem. So, waiting for word from Blizzard. Called customer service multiple times and was blown off. It would be fitting to get something back after the amount of crap I've endured with this game and it's nuances :P
Just got my items (belt and amulet). I had been waiting since 17th.
Well, I opened a ticket to find out if my gold is ever coming. I got 1 billion worth for $28.90, which they told me was never charged to my card. And that I should reorder it once they get things up and running. But that's completely unfair, because the whole reason I purchased it at the time is because it was more affordable. So now gold prices are higher, and they expect me to cough up to $40 or more for their mistake? That's messed up.
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Good news, of the 3 transactions, 2 have completed. The two that have completed were Gold purchases. The remaining transaction relates to Gems that were purchased and I'm certain with a bit more wait all good. Thanks for your efforts on this Bliz and thanks for keeping us posted Araxom.

Now off to hack slash and ....spend.
still missing 3 gold purchases .....
9-17-13 1745045576 50 mil.
9-19-13 1748268325 100 mil.
9-19-13 1748293379 150 mil.
All pending transactions from september 17th and 19th proceed.

Thank you blizzard!
still pending...

Still haven't received my gold that I ordered on the 19th and 21st. The transactions still show up in the Completed tab, and it doesn't look like the money's been taken off my debit card at all.
I still have two RMAH sales pending:

9/21 --- 1749651326
9/18 --- 1745253334
09/25/2013 07:00 PMPosted by BootsToAsses
soooo...received all the items. Now my credit card was refunded in full?! Umm, not complaining because of the delay...but was this intentional?

Sounds like you made out, the seller better get his funds from blizz though not you. This should be like the monopoly card, bank error in your favor... collect your mempo lol.
And here is Blizzard's response:


I am sorry this happened to you - it did happen to quite a few people, that auctions that were failed didn't show as failed.

The prices on the market are however not set by us, but by other players, as it is them selling the goods, not us.

This situation is deeply unfortunate, but at least you know what happened to your auction and can treat the situation accordingly.

English Game Master Team
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I didn't read the entire thread, and apologize if this has already been mentioned.

In the past 2-3 weeks or so, I would post 10 items on the GAH in a day. Several hours later, I would check on their status, and there would be 9 items, but nothing completed. So, I thought maybe I'd erred and only put 9 items up.

This happened several times more, but I always assumed it was my error (I'm 66 and have memory issues so this wouldn't surprise me).

So, I was really surprised when last night only one of my 10 items posted had sold, but I had like 7-8 sales returned to me (item didn't sell). I saw gems I'd put up for sale last week that was one of the items that had gone missing.

This morning I put up 10 items, and now (1:45 PM eastern, 26 September 2013) it only shows 9, but nothing was completed and/or returned to me.
09/26/2013 11:01 AMPosted by SixSixSix
I'm 66

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Thanks for the update Six (and the others), I'm going to do my best to get back to the specific auction call-outs in this thread as soon as I am able within the next several hours here. As of now, I'm about to put up a new update, so I'll be back in a bit. Thanks again for your continued patience :)

All my transactions posted last night. Really happy with the Manticore and Lacunis. :)
Still waiting on several RMAH sales to finish processing dating back as far as the 17th. Would process id numbers be helpful?
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Sure - I would ask that before posting back that you do check with the specific financial institution through which the purchases were made. In many of these cases, the funds were already returned even through the auction was displaying these as having been completed.
09/26/2013 12:35 PMPosted by Araxom
Sure - I would ask that before posting back that you do check with the specific financial institution through which the purchases were made. In many of these cases, the funds were already returned even through the auction was displaying these as having been completed.
Actually I'm the seller in this case. Am I in the wrong thread? Thanks.
In the last 15 minutes or so, I've bought two items on the GAH, a marquise emerald design and a manticore crossbow.

Both show in my complete tab. I was given the option to send the design to stash, but with the Manticore, I had no option to send to stash.

Is this related to the current issues?
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