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[Updated] Recent Auction House Issues - 9/27


The **Hardcore** Gold Auction House was just taken down about 2 hours ago, and now it's back up.

Minutes before it was taken down, I bought 16314 tomes total, in increments of 1000, 100, 10, and 1. It was 24 trades in total, all within 5 minutes of each other. I tried to send a few of the trades to my inventory, but unfortunately, they did not show up in my inventory/stash (though they are now not in my 'completed transaction queue'. I'm afraid to send the rest as I don't want to lose my entire order. Never had this particular problem happen before.

Anyone else having things sent from their 'completed queue' and not showing up in their inventory?

Any insight from a blue Blizzard Moderator?

RMAH purchase made on Sept 17. 9 days later still waiting. Forever waiting.....
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yeah, gold ah on hc is extremely slow. hoping i didnt lose that hc gold
I purchased 2 gold orders on the RMAH on 9/20. it says purchased on both orders. I still have not received the gold???? Order # 1748938618 and Order # 1749118411
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Bought those 4 thing and i didnt recieved it and its not showing processing ! it shows like i recieved it
Order ID: 1757176622
yep that's the same thing im getting.
AH just went down for me. Anyone else?
In the last 15 minutes or so, I've bought two items on the GAH, a marquise emerald design and a manticore crossbow.

Both show in my complete tab. I was given the option to send the design to stash, but with the Manticore, I had no option to send to stash.

Is this related to the current issues?

Did you mean Radiant? You can't purchase marquise via AH type they are crafted and account bound
Yep down for me too, I guess that's for everyone...
AH is down for me and I still haven't received my gold.
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same im on a order hold as well iv called wow thay say its going throw but give it some time and than 1 houer later the ah houes is down good thing iv copyed the older #'s
3 of my auction is still processing, and they are from the 17th and 18th. However, I received e-mail confirming they were sold. I did not receive these e-mail before, even though they were in processing. I am waiting patiently, and glad this is getting solved, but I did not receive the payout for these 3 items yet. (Unity, Chant Will, and Zuni vision).
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09/24/2013 10:21 AMPosted by Araxom
Update 9/26 11:35AM PDT: The Auction Houses for the Americas have been brought back online. If you are one of the many who have been affected by the extended delays with the auctions over the course of the last week, please check below as this information may apply to you.

You guy sure about this as it is presently off line
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In regards to the following accounts' auctions (MacabreDV, Lucien, hitam, and Pockey): These auctions all appear to have failed (please keep in mind that due to the issues that occurred earlier in the week, these may not be displayed as such on your side).

Although I can't offer to audit each of the transactions that everyone is posting here, I am keeping my eye on the internal communications and have been speaking directly with the representatives who are dealing with Auction House inquiries. I will be sure to continue to post updates as they become available. Thanks again everyone!
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AH is down. Time to sleep. Hopefully it's back up withing 8 hours. Ciao ciao.
awesome. this is just the first time in months (and at least 6 months) that an auction has been delayed for more than 10s. a bit odd, but at least it's being looked into fast

Hey Araxom, can I get an update on my account as well?
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Thanks for hanging in there - as we're currently addressing these issues at large, I won't be able to go through each individual auction, but I will check back with you as this develops. Thank you for your patience in the meantime :)
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