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How to Get 200 mil XP an Hour with DH

Everybody is rushing to hit Paragon 1000 in anticipation of new Paragon 2.0. Questions have been asked as to how a DH could gain maximum XP given that we are one of the worst XP farmer.

If you follow this guide, you can get more or less 200 mil xp an hour depending on various factors such as Crypt spawn, zombies spawn, team members, kill speed and etc.


Festering -> Decaying Crypt -> Field

No Bells, no CM, preferably no EF. Best with monk's cyclone implosion, Archon, HOTA/Rend

Game play
Finding the Crypt will be a piece of cake if all 4 players has a WW barb or TR monk. Each create their own game and look for the crypt in Field. Once found, invite all other members to join the game with their toons which need leveling, while he continue to explore the Crypt to reach Crypt level 2. Other members can now proceed to Festering and wear down at least 3 elites packs for quick kills later. Once reach level 2 and if he is using P100 barb or monk and wish to change Character, ask 1 or 2 team members to teleport to Crypt lvl 2 to save the portal.

Knowing the map layout is important too. Crypt only spawn at top right or bottom left of map.

After everything is set, all 4 players go to festering and finish off the elites. Players who have save the portal to Crypt 2 have to use the way point to get back to town and teleport to Crypt 2. Others will follow. There are 2 NV at Crypt 2 i.e. a chest and family event. Get the 5 NV, kill some zombies and proceed to Crypt Level 1, then Field.

Tip:WW barb should always move ahead of others to lure mother zombies spewing more little zombies. This will maximize density.


101,431k XP Gained in 35 mins including set up.
Paragon 47 - 32,743k
Paragon 48 - 68,688k ( 9 bars)

Congratulation to degamer who achieved Paragon 500 in this video.
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I prefer act 2 VotA (5 stacks) -> Sands -> Oasis -> Ruins -> Channels -> Storm halls

Using this build :




but requires 50 discipline.

Everyone does act 1......lol
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DH is not the slowest... If you have the dps to run mp8 you can get 200 XP per hour if you have
1. 50 discipline and run Vault + Vengeance
2. 50 discipline and run perma Shadow Glide + Vengeance

Pickup yard is a requirement.

Now if you don't and have to walk, then you know you will be slow~

I prefer running Act3 -> Act4
tp stone back to sky and keep 1-2, circle field, kill azmo and play act4 with 5 stack. Stop before you hit Izzy and Restart.
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09/23/2013 10:51 PMPosted by Cameo
LOL! When you see thread start to get reported, it means SwSw is coming online.

I didn't report your thread dude.

I only reported Ravin and Action and those noobs I was arguing with.

Oh btw, your write up is bad so don't go acting surprise it got reported.
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How do you guys make 200k exp/hour using RF?

I'm running MP 8-10 with 300k DPS, limited to no deaths and can't make more than 90-100k/hour consistently. This compared to 120k/hour on WD and 150k+/hour on Barb.

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There are ways to lure all the monsters on map and get multiple kill bonus.
For example, in A1 FoM, lure/kill 350 monsters and get exp bonus.

I can do similar thing for WW barb, Locust WD and Strafe DH.
DH build:

Strafe gear i used:
(the build on profile is messed up. Refer to the link above the build).

I basically snapshot gloom using chakram and straft; run around everywhere in FoM and kill all mobs at once to get exp bonus.
I accumulated enough CC for Strafe so that the hatred is unlimited.
When dried out, I use punishment to keep strafe going... crits refill discipline fast enough before the next hatred dryout. This save me from using vengeance and I can get one passive for dmg buff. (in mp 10, I wont kill fast enough to generate health globes for vengeance anyway).

It's quite fun to run. Strafe gear is not expensive. I don't know how much exp i can get tho.
However, my biggest enemy is "rubberbanding".

I can't wait to see more buffs on Strafe from xpac.
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I run that build before Luffy, still wasn't netting more than 100k/hour. Massacre bonus isn't worth much btw, 1 mob killed is similar experience to 100 massacre bonus, i.e. 1%.

What MP are you running it on and how much exp per hour did you get?

Great toons, 5xP100, well done!
Edited by Valah#2495 on 9/24/2013 4:12 PM PDT
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I have bola/trap gears with high disc (59) with 290K DPS on SOJ.

Can anyone suggest me a fast farming method for my DH ? , I really wanna get her to P100.

Nyan's Act2 route & Luffy's FoM Strafe look really promising on my setup.
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