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Hey barb nation,

I just got the game a few weeks ago and my main character is my WW barb (Just loved it in D2 and thats why I picked it)... but I really wanna do better. My stats and gear are ok (I hope) but Im having problems with a FEW different champ packs on MP7. Its mostly when they have CRAZY powers... like ARCANE (prob the hardest one for me). I honestly would like to be able to farm alot higher... maybe even be able to DO (even if its slow) mp 10.

If anyone would be willing to steer me in the right direction... Maybe a different build? Or of you could tell me a better strat for champ packs? Maybe some of my gear needs an upgrade (im not rich tho but I have about 30 million to spend) or maybe i worried about a stat that isnt so important.

if someone could look at my character and give me some hints... I would appreciate it.

p.s. not good with the abbrevation lingo.
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Your build same as me : ) ...i think u need more vit
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Kamto is correct, you need a little more life. But if I can give you one piece of advice, is to craft more items. I'm willing to bet that you'll have a better amulet than the one you're wearing within 10 crafts. Just consider it.

You can do better on the IK chest. Try to get one with 250+ vit, they are relatively cheap now.

As the rest of your build, it looks fine and I would suggest going with an IK belt so you can drop Bloodthirst for Brawler, but man, that WH is Swwweeet!!!

Good luck! DO MORE CRAFTING!!!!
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Hi mate

I see the main things your character lacks is strength and vit, everything else is pretty good. Oh and drop war cry, you have over the 500 AR minimum to farm without it, so drop it and whack on a massive DPS attack such as HOTA. On elites, Im doing between 1.2 and 1.9 mil Crit Hits with HOTA. (however I have 39% elite bonus damage on my build).

Your aim with vit is to get your life pool between 50 and 60k.

To boost both your Str and Vit I recommend the following:

Craft Vit shoulders as only barbs can roll up to 300 str and 300 vit with these bad boys (crafted str shoulders can only roll up to 200 vit). If your really lucky you may even get % life too. So vit shoulders with a str and AR roll on them is your first crafted aim (they are also one of the cheapest crafts to do).

IK chest piece's can roll up to 300 vit. So id drop a bit of str here (say to a range of 120-150 str which makes them much more affordable) and look for ones with well over 200k vit. Yes you will lose some DPS but by stacking vit in these two areas you can now look at crafted ammies and can let go of the vit on your current one.

Crafted str ammies can potentially roll just over 300 str along will all yummy affixes such as CD, CC, average damage and if your really lucky AS.

Lastly, if you are still lacking vit after these two restacks, look at replacing your innas with a vit only set (they can roll up to 200 vit). As you have 600 res all, you can drop to 520ish and still farm without war cry.

Cheers and good luck
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but man, that WH is Swwweeet!!!!!!!

Thats prob why im broke! lol

Wow everyone... thanks!

I didnt realize that I was shooting for that high of vit... I asked around and I heard alot of "+40k" when it came to health. So I will def look around for that...

My resistances are good? Im not questioning you guys but I always feel like i get in killed by elites that have those kinda powers.

With the IK equipment... should I try to find something better then the IK chest/gloves all together? I wanted the IK stuff for the set bonuses but If my AR is good w/o bonus then I dont need to have IK at all... Craft chest/gloves?

Speaking of crafting...What are the main things I should be crafting? STR Amulet... VIT Shoulders... anything else? And which should I try first? 2nd? ect...
I thank you again for the help again...

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40k was 2012s aim for life, not now.

Ik bonus is factoried into your current AR level so keep at least two pieces of it.

With good LS, and a good build like OP/Rend or HOTA, you make the most of LS and in turn, get a lot of life back so that mitigates the life lost due to incoming damage. As it is with your current build, your not doing enough damage so in turn, your not getting enough LS coming in. Makes sence?

With crafting, as mentioned earlier, start with vit shoulders and ammie, after that you may look at str gloves but if it means dropping res all below the 500 mark, dont worry about it.

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Ok last few questions...

You say keep the 2 set bonus but then you say IF my resistances dont drop below 500 then I should craft str gloves. My 2 set bonus comes from my chest and gloves... so are you saying that I should maybe get the IK belt or another part? I have a IK belt but I really like my witching hour and would hate to waste it... If I can get gloves with str, tri-fecta and at least 60 AR (to counter the set bonus)... wouldnt that be the best way to go?

Also, how in the hell do people get such high dps? I see 3-400 k unbuffed out there... Do they sacrfice that much for dps or am I missing something? I know I dont have godly gear but I think that its not horrible and im barely at 200k.
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