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my console freezes when playing diablo 3

I've had several freeze ups on Xbox. Not very often though. The thing is, they are hard freezes. The whole system locks up and I get a "dut dut dut dut dut" sound coming from the speakers. I have to pull the plug to reset the console. Can't hit the power button. Can't exit to dashboard via controller. Again, thankfully, it doesn't happen very often.
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Interesting mule theory. My wife's WD will lock up within minutes of entering Nightmare Act III Heart of Sin but she can go to other lower levels without issue - including Normal Act III HoS. I can play on her console and no issues at all with Nightmare Act III HoS as can her other ALT (Monk). Only her WD is stuck in this endless loop.

I am going to try the mule thing and see what happens. As the WD lock up is consistent I am going to also have her try a HoS run from my 360 and see if it is repeatable.

One odd thing is that if we are playing online together it will lock up my console when we enter HoS and my wife will be migrated back to town. If she then tries to enter alone it will lock up her system.

We found the issue playing online foursum. The host would lock and have to hard reset while everyone else in party would migrate back to town. After going through everyone as host and seeing same thing happen, we all tried the run alone. Nobody had issue except my wife who would consistently lock up.

Strange behavior that one person's save can be locking up the host but that seems the case.
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I can't play on my main anymore because it freezes all the time lvl 60 barb paragon 20, so I started a new file. I didn't run into the problem until I hit inferno again in act 3 and now I have two files that I can't play WTF!! I'm so pissed!
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