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My account has three lvl 60's. Currently, my barbarian has the most time invested and as such has the best gear. After a certain point it seems as though I can't purchase items in the AH that would significantly improve my barb without spending exuberant amounts of gold. I've managed to gear my barb by spending anywhere around 100k-750k on each item. Now when I search for items that would improve my barb it seems as though there is a significant raise in the cost of each item. Right now I'm averaging about 1mil gold in my account. Has anyone experienced similar problems. I can handle MP5 farming. Do I just have to suck it up and keep playing and saving until I can break through to the next level? Is there anything I can change in my build that would be affordable while improving my barb? Maybe switch to using skorn instead of 1h weapons? I can increase my health and dmg by 10k by switching to skorn.
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thats the problem with the current state of PC diablo 3 is the loot drops are horrid for endgame without forcing you to go to the auction house ...i took a break from the PC version and played the console version for a few weeks and WOW huge diffrence in drops im lovin the console ....today played the PC D3 for little bit today and i notice a huge diffrance in the games PC d3 needs the loot 2.0 patch it sucks to have to wait so long for that patch to come out but i guess thats why we have console version lol until then
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I'll be honest with you. Now before I go into anything I want you to know that IMO I think my gear is average, but I think I'm pretty smart.

As a WW barb for the damn near future I won't even be going into MP6 unless I have a gangster !@# group.

You need to be farming like a machine. What I did was go down to mp3/4 and put a big $%^ exp gem in your helm. If you can, try and get your hands on a hellfire ring. Jam out there until 30 paragon where you'll notice some improved drop rates.

Just to give you an idea, I was in your position and struggled greatly until I found a neck piece that sold for 500m, I then proceeded to spend about 250-350 million on various gear (with a metric -*!@ tonne on that EF- 175m(that's a lot for me).

Pick up all tomes of secrets and craft what you can.

Also, as a reference point. Look at my profile whitey63#1260 Halflife is my current barb, and I lvld a back up barb to keep the most recent gear pieces his name is spintowin.

You just need to get your grind on until you get up there in paragon. I don't want to say suck it up, but that's pretty much the case.

Here's the last thing I'll share. As you get to higher and higher paragon and looking for better upgrades, it's tough to balance out dps gains/losses for health gains/losses. What I mean is that if you find a huge dps upgrade you'll prob be losing hp, and vice versa.

anyways, that's my two cents. I'm not one of the greats, but I've met some good people and I'm middle of the pack I think.

Good luck
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Hang in there. I've never had a drop that sold for obscene amounts of gold but I have managed to sell some valuable stuff over the near 500 hours I have on my barbarian. It adds up so as the others above have said, just keep at it. You'll either get that lottery drop or a couple of drops that will slowly but surely increase your gold stash. Also, remember that it gets easier. The more gold you get, the better your loot gets, the faster you get gold. I'm comfortably farming MP9 now but it took me awhile but I did get to MP9 eventually. It was only recently that I was able to get a series of 10M 20M drops that allowed me to purchase a decent Unity :) Saving up for a double vitality Inna's now, my EHP is a touch to low.

Check out the gearing threads in the forums. They are extremely helpful. Check out what to craft now and what to craft later.

Also check out the build advice threads and the number-crunching threads. The most valuable lesson I learned was the one on IAS breakpoints for WW/HOTA. That's what allowed me to do MP7 MP8 comfortably with no piece of gear costing more than 5M.
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thats the problem with the current state of PC diablo 3 is the loot drops are horrid for endgame without forcing you to go to the auction house ...

It isn't as bad as it used to be (not saying it is good now). When the game came out, the only way to get inferno level gear was to play inferno, but you couldn't really last in inferno without inferno level gear. The old Catch-22. It was almost like they wanted to force players to use the AH.
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I also just noticed that you're not hardcore... lol. You should have no grief with farming and grinding gold and gear. You'll never lose them, so you should be fine.

1. And ditch the vitty gem. it's pointless. Get a big !@# ruby and get the xp
2. Buy an ubers carry or farm the keys and make machines, get that exp ring there
3. You want hella CC and IAS, gear for that

Problem solved
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unholyyness hit the nail on the head... drop down to a lower mp and kill faster... quicker drops and more xp!!! You will eventually lotto good gear to sell! it's tough at that stage where you think you're stuck because you can't do mp 8-10 but I can do those difficulties with my barb and I rarely do anymore. But do what diablo games have always intended to make you do... grind grind grind!!!
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and buy a cheap skorn!! will raise you're dps prolly 20-30k
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There are a couple of skill changes that would make you farm more efficiently.

1. you're using wrath:thrive on chaos, but I doubt you can sustain it for much longer than 15s. You would do better, at least in the short term, to use insanity instead. That'll melt elites much faster.

2. you're using a ww build without sprint:run like that wind. That's a no-no, because it's the tornadoes that do the main damage, not ww. The point of ww is to move you around so that you dump nados on monsters. Ideally you would drop war cry in favour of sprint:rltw, but if you start dying too much, drop overpower instead.
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