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lvl70 Inferno MP10 capable; who's confident?

So without an AH to find items quickly, who's confident that they'll be able to get their level 70 characters to have the desired gear to create their builds properly and be Inferno MP10 capable with level 70 gear?

My CM Wiz has finally hit 50% crit chance but I have concerns that any new items that drop at lvl70 may not help me maintain the crit chance at this level.

I'm hoping the number of good gear drops realy does increase and the smart drops system works as intended. Hopefully, if we have a solid amount of crit chance on our gear, the drops will have a good chance of keeping the % the same or increasing it.
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No it is not like that drops will be not smart
they will be still random
just roll of random affix will be not so wide ranged
1-100 will be 75-100
so you have higher chance to hit 90 str but still low enought chance to roll 100

don't you worry about your 50cc from latest info 40cc will be max so you can nerf yourself in preparation
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pretty sure there was a leaf of new data that shows CM build will likely die or be nowhere near the strength it is now. i cant find the link but heres a list of the proposed changes

Critical Hit Chance - *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Critical Hit Chance from items.
Block Chance - *You may have a maximum of 75.00% Block Chance.
Critical Hit Damage - *You may have a maximum of +250.00% Critical Hit Damage from items.
Movement Speed - *You may have a maximum of +25.00% movement speed from items
Gold Find - *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Gold Find.
Magic Find - *This increase is diminished for rare and legendary and set items.
Magic Find - *You may have a maximum of +300.00% Magic Find.
Attack Speed - *You may have a maximum of +40.00% Attack Speed from items.

im not sure what 40% attack speed translates to, but im sure its no where near 2.73aps
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What Wazz says is correct, I read it too. I am worried about the CM wizz and the WW barb. I just hope they don't break two of my favourite classes too badly.

We also should keep in mind that the stuff that has been data-mined is not set in stone yet and is still being tested.
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Yeah, I just read that... guess there's no point in hunting down better gear till the xpac hits now.

Regarding the CM Wiz, we'll have to see if the 2.31 APS can be hit still. From items, I'm sitting on 40% CHC, less than 250CHD and 42% IAS. It's the IAS I'm worried about... might need that old chantodo that adds .25aps again just to hit 2.31aps.

Now the Book of Tyreal is something I'll need to keep an eye on. I did enjoy reading the Book of Cain.
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And the 2 extra character slots (pretty much expected) is something I'm excited about. I need another mule - lol
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It is really going to make the game about luck and the amount of hours you play once they take down the auction houses which is how I personally would have liked it to be from the start.
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Latest data mining update says:
"The stat caps for Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage and Attack Speed have been removed from the datamined files. The Lifesteal change is new though, so it remains. The other stats like Magic Find have not been touched."


Consolidated list of changes here

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10/15/2013 10:42 PMPosted by Phillip
It is really going to make the game about luck and the amount of hours you play once they take down the auction houses which is how I personally would have liked it to be from the start.

I don't mind this style of play... one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences was Torchlight 1 which I played through all 3 classes simultaneously, swapping items between them (as one would often find an item more suited towards another class).

However, once I was done with the campaign in Torchlight, lack of control over crafting my build left me quite dissatisfied with the game. This is where I believe D3 and the AH got it right for character creation in end game in that we can pick the gear we need/want to make specific builds work. They just needed all the extra stuff like loot runs and paragon levels on top of the original design.

I'm not 100% happy with the enchant/transmog feature in RoS due it making the item BoA... I do like to swap items with my bro. So I guess we'll see how I take to RoS.
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I thought you could use the paragon points to improve your CHC, CHD, APS.. As well as others
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