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did something change?

hey all, havent been able to play in a while, so finally was able to have a game session tonight (finally managed to track down that keywarden for infernal machine plans, and got the plans finally), but came across somethings that either seemed different or peculiar...

first, almost every elite in act 4 had dmg reflect. second, the big guys who drop from the sky now seemingly have a new stun move they never used on me ever before (this is mp10 btw), which stuns my guy and allows everyone else to gang up on me while i cant do anything.....i've never had that happen before actually, dunno if this is a new move or not.

third, my guardian shield seems to be disappearing quicker than before, before it would stick around for a bit, now it seems to seemingly disappear almost instantaneously. Only change i can note since i played last was i changed my mempo to a crit mempo and lost 4000 lp, but even without my life gem in i still have 55k hp, and 613 all resist....dunno why i was having such trouble today against...well everything in act 4 elites...hmm. some insight into this situation would be greatly appreciated

also on an unrelated note: tried crafting 7 amulets all coming out crappy...sigh. lol
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Maybe IMO just gotta change playstyle to adapt e 'change'. Dun forget DH is a challenging & tricky char which requires skills, most importantly patience to be fun. As for crafting, me also sucks big time in luck.. =(

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well sure, not playing for a while makes u rusty, but, not 5 random deaths in a row to a skill the monsters never had before rusty :P lol
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1. I always felt that if you saw particular affixes on the first couple elites, expect to see a running theme throughout that entire run of one or two of those same affixes.

2. The big guys have always had a stun move as far as I know, then they breathe fire on you. The riders have a stun move also, and that lobbed fireball seems to be one of the biggest bursts in the game, act 4 is filled with burst damage. Be careful out there.

3. Maybe you were running Custom Engineering before.
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nope was never running custom engineering at all. never knew they had a stun move to be honest, when i played act 4 before, i never actually ran into it, at all, hence why it took me by complete surprise

would it be better to just gem my purple RS in my helm to increase my live to 63k than? was planning on doing that after i reached para 100, since the red gem increases my xp boast...hmm..
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