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Effecient grinding question

Hello all,
when looking over a character, how do I figure out what MP# is going to be the best for XP per hour. I don't want to make it toooo easy and get bored, and yeah, I have cleared a lot of MP10, much of it solo and without dieing, however, that takes some time.
I did some MP7 last night, and that was fun and rather easy frankly. Some elites took longer than others, but I was really not in any real danger, and junk mobs i just plowed through.

Also, I am using a generator currently, for lower MP's as I can't seem to get my usage quite right, so I run dry, as things die very fast, on MP10 I don't really have this issue.

This is not a gear critique session, I know where I am short and am working on it. Just trying to find the best MP# for levelling faster.
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Well you've definitely got enough gear for sure to trash farm mp10.

If your'e running for exp, that's pretty much all you should be worrying about. Get the 5 stacks, and kill the trash.

My favorite is mp8 for trash clearing and getting quick stacks. It has a nice mob density and elites are still easy.
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I have been running mp8 as well, seems to be the most efficient for me atm.
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Thanks a lot for the advice guys, I will try that later tonight or tomorrow some.
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Hey Ravenlot,
Nice barb setup. Agree with not going so low you can't permaWrath. I've done quite a bit of my own testing in the FOM at MP 7,8,9 and 10. Exp/min remarkably similar...balance of speed vs. higher exp @ higher MP level. I'm not such a strong character that MP10 is super fast so I've settled at MP 8 for comfort/speed without significant exp drop. for pure exp farming. Depends on how you kill too. For example, if one-shot trash with single rend is the goal then doing you own testing is helpful to know how low to set MP.
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There is a website:

Diabro3.com that will tell you what MP you should be doing. Hopefully that helps. It hasn't lead me in the wrong way yet.
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