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Hey guys just wanted to share my video about my thoughts on Reaper Of Souls and my theory crafting of new builds that will be necessary after the expansion/nerfs.
If you would take a few mins to watch it you wont be disappointed!

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All you need to know is that the Crusader will be the new WW Barb because tons of people have yet to play around with it and very likely someone out of these thousands of players will figure out a sick new build that has yet to be nerfed.

All 5 classes currently in the game have recieved pretty major nerfs, Crusader won't have been nerfed yet, you can count on it theres something that makes that class overpowered aswell but didn't get nerfed yet.
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You make a lot of assumptions. In D2 people traded and aquired gear through play and gearing. People will also turn to sites like d2jsp in order to get gear.

The barb will have to be played different, I do agree with that. Except for the monk, resource regeneration will be different and more difficult to acrue if the data mined material goes to patch. But there are a lot of generators still out there that can be used to stack and build fury. You used WW like it would be a main attack, this is not what will be done. It will be used to group up enemies very quickly if used at all. Then skills like rend will be used in conjunction with hammer of the ancients and overpower to generate more fury.

It is too early to try to come up with builds on data mined material. Barbs will do just fine sooner or later. The game is in flux so much right now it is not smart to try to formulate a specific build or playstyle in anticipation of furture patches.

Buying mats is also ill advised. What if a ladder is introduced? I do expect this. Now all those mats will become extremely devalued. The major overhaul is not expected until after Blizzcon and then we will have a beta. They have already stated this. The smart thing is to hold onto currency because people will still want to upgrade gems and crafting. In addition, who says that people will still not take gold in trade for items?

I am curious at how the DH will do in the future patches to be honest. Monks are going to be the strongest class next if data mined material goes live. Imagine FoT with Quickening. While most classes are trying to get resources a monk just has to crit for 15 spirit.
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