I put together a set from what information I could find that does Inferno mp3 efficiently and decently well on Inferno in the mp5-mp7 range (depending on Act or mobs I'm farming):

The biggest issue that I am having right now is that I would like to modify my spec and gear at the same time and I am unsure what changes I need to make to accomplish this.

Play style:
- I prefer 2H Barb, because for me I feel more like a barb and less like a "rogue on steroids".
- I would like to swap out Bash in favor of Rend or HotA. Rend to me feels like it has better synergy while fighting larger packs of mobs, while I believe that HotA would provide me with more effective single-target fights and Treasure Goblins.
- I currently use Bloodthirst, but would like my gear to be efficient enough on EHP/Life Steal to use Animosity, Brawler or a more defensive passive.

My Goals:
- Clear the content on MP 10. While I know that I will be efficiently XP/Gear farming on a lower MP level, beating any game on its highest difficulty is always a challenge I like to take on.
- Efficiently farm Keywardens/Ubers for my Hellfire Rings. After spending quite a few hours farming keys on MP5, I have found that even with the 50% drop chance my RNG is still horrible. I would hate to finally get to the Ubers and experience the same thing.
- Better understand my gearing options so that I can focus on improving my play.

I've been playing quite a bit the last two weeks, but prior to that I hadn't played in over 6 months. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it.