Diablo® III

PS3 Trades, Wiz, Barb

PSN: SZeuqirneh

I request you give stats on items or no trades.

High Wants:
Tal Rasha's Amulet with COLD SKILL damage
Unwavering Glare WITH Blizzard
Looking for Winter Flurry w/ CC AND Apoc. Those are must! Stats close to this would rock:

Other Stuff:
Zuni Pox, , Unity INT/STR/DEX w/ good stats
Bul Kathos Warriors Blood,
Greenies (green set items)
Barb or Monk items.
Or make an offer (no gold, gems, materials)

What I have:

NEW Bul Kathos Solemn Vow
1266 base damage 5% damage, 282 str, 9% AS, 411 life per hit
Slorak's Madness
Manticore, Azurewrath

Tal Rasha's Amulet w/Fire

BlackThorne Boots, Ice Climbers
Immortal King
195 str, 200 vit, 75 phy res, 85 all res, 13 ms

Blackthorne Pants

Witching Hour, Tal Rasha's Brace
NEW Girle of Giants
284 str, 10% AS, 13% life, 291 armor, 15 max fury, 2.80% LS

Storm Crow, Tal Rasha
Inna's Radiance
Dark Mage Shadex2
Mempo of Twilight x2, STR/INT no CC

None currently

Tal Rasha's Pursuit 433 armor left. Other is gone

Vile Guard

Sage, Demon's Skin, Asheara's Uniform, Aughild's Victory, Starspine, Cataclysm, Harvest Moon
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I have a Tal's Belt, take a look at the stats and see if it works for you. Not really sure what the market is like on these, so if you like it and want to make an offer that would be cool.

559 Armor
+106 Strength
+201 Intelligence
+114 Vitality
+281 Armor
+28% Gold from Monsters
+1.5% Critical Hit Chance
+5% Damage to Elite Enemires
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Not bad, not great, but I still need to collect pieces. BTW, I'm on PSN, what caught your eye?
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Updated, Looking for Ras pieces Amulet, Belt and Glare, Winter Flurry, Zuni Pox and Chest
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I'm highly interested in the Manticore, unfortunately I don't have anything your looking for that you have listed.
I have a stash full of mostly lvl60 legs (bit of a collector) and a bunch of BS and Jeweler plans or raw gold for trade if your interested in parting with it.
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Any good wiz items? Barb could also work. Got a list to check out?
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Edited by d0rkylicious#1417 on 10/13/2013 9:31 PM PDT
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Damn, why is it so hard to trade damn items? Updated with pics, PLEASE SOMEONE get me hallowed defenders and a Winter Flurry Lv60
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Hey man.

I'm interested in your Lacuni's Prowlers and the Gundo gear with 233 armor.

I have a Hallowed Defenders plan and a Zunimassa's Marrow chest piece.
Want to trade?
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Hell YES! Add me so we can do the trade. I play after 9PM EST. I'll be on tonight. Gundo with crit right?

See ya
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Yup the crit Gundo.

Added you already as well.
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erm d0rkylicious , i pmed you for your lacuni prowlers . ^ Punshet above here can't out offer me . please reply me in PSN thankyou .
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Im 730k DH , 750k barb 550k wiz . All unbuffed true dps . i have lots of legendaries that are legit and unduped . Please get back to my PSN asap , i am the guy that said i can offer 2-4 items for your lacuni's at PSN .
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Do you just wait until I want something then always try to 1 up me or something?
This is the second time in where I try to offer someone something and suddenly you come out of nowhere literally waiting behind a corner and just assume I can't out offer you and whatever.
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the truth is i can out offer you , and secondly your not the only person that needs stuff alright ? if you think you can out offer me , tell me whats your dps on all of your chars . im 770k DH unbuffed no SS no SA , 530k Monk without any buffs on , 750-760k barb unbuffed , wizard 550k archon wizard crit mass 560k .
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Fair enough

It's just that you are very demeaning in your statements, and weirdly enough you've coincidentally done this exact response only to me in the the last posts where I've wanted something.

So whatever to each their own bro.
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i really just wanted the lacuni , if i wanted to be mean to you i've said i want the gundo gear too but i didn;t . 1 gundo for you 1 lacuni for me , fair enough ? im not trying to be mean its just my ways of securing , i'll defnitely be fair for everyone as everyone needs items right ? im not selfish to take all but i really need the lacuni for an upgrade .
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I really need the Lacuni too.... More than the Gundo.

It just sucks especially after he already agreed to to wanting to trade with me.
Whatever if you get it, so be it.
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we'll see who he gives it to then .
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Thank's for the trade!
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